Thank you for your amazing support and interest in the 4th Seoul Webfest (KWEBFEST). Because of you, Seoul Webfest was a huge success again!
Now we look to 2019 and the 5th Seoul Webfest!

2019 Seoul Webfest is now taking submissions for web series from all over the world.

Seoul Webfest in South Korea is the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia and the only web fest in Asia.
We showed 200 web series and including 5 VR360 Series in 2018 and we will show more series in 2019.

Our Festival partners are over30 webfests in the world!

Our goals for 2019 are to expand the festival so it can become a viable provider of quality content on an international scale. Our intention is to create a place that nurtures and cultivates upcoming creators. We invite you to a new paradigm of festival where you can take part in screenings, network parties, a redcarpet, an award show, Fam tour and gain access to distributors, filmmakers, writers, producers, funding etc.

Plus, we had an after-festival outing FAM Tour for 2 Days and 1 Nights in a famous Yeosu City, all for free accommodations!

- - Best Web Series of all genres

- - Best Action
- - Best Animation
- - Best Comedy
- - Best Sketch Comedy
- - Best Drama
- - Best Teen Drama
- - Best Thriller
- - Best Horror
- - Best Reality
- - Best Documentary
- - Best Science Fiction
- - Best VR360
- - Best Pilot

- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Supporting Actor
- Best Supporting Actress
- Best Rising Star
- Best Guest Star
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Editor
- Best Cinematographer
- Best Sound Design
- Best Production Design
- Best Costume Design
- Best Special/Visual Effect


Submissions for 2019 are open.

The official selection will be announced in June 1st, 2019.
-100 web series will be selected.
Each submission form must only be completed on the website.

1. Registration fees are not refundable.
2. Payment can only be taken through the website using Paypal!
Registration fees are in US dollars.

-Submission must have at least TWO (2) produced online episodes available to view at the time of entry. (Pilot will be one episode)
-Each Episode cannot exceed 20 minutes in length. Series with individual episode exceeding 20 minutes in length are welcome to submit shortened version(s) of an episode(s) for the purpose of festival admission.
Please choose the genre that best represents your series even if your series can be classified under more than one category. No duplicate submissions can be taken under a different category.

-Entries that are not in English must be dubbed in English or have English subtitles.
-Once selected, English script(Dialogue list) must be prepared for Korean subtitles.
-Judging will be done using a created system in order that all admissions are judge fairly.
-All entries, including international submissions are eligible for prize awards in each category. We strongly encourage all finalists to attend the festival.
-Foreign submissions will be judged using the same criteria as national submissions.

-Content submitter must be 18 years of age or older.
-Submissions must be the intellectual property of the submitter, and/or their team. No proxy submissions.

-Corporate videos promoting a product or service
-Product reviews
-Music Videos

-By submitting to Seoul Webfest, you confirm that you hold the rights to (or are authorised to use) any and all audio and video in your web series. Seoul Webfest will not be held responsible for any claims stemming from the failure of the creator/submitter to properly obtain the rights to material submit and/or screened.
-All Decisions made by Seoul Webfest are final.
-All federal and city laws apply.
-By participating in the Seoul Webfest, each participant agrees to hold Seoul Webfest and its employees, directors and representatives harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the event or resulting from acceptance, possession or use of any prize.
-You grant Seoul Webfest the right to use the name, logo and content of your web series for awards presentations, highlight reels, and promotional material.
-Seoul Webfest reserves the right to amend guidelines, selection criteria, awards, screening, and activities if necessary.

Overall Rating
  • krishand rk

    Its a really great festival to be. The way it is organised and the fun events. Of course the fam tour should not be missed.

    May 2019
  • Trip Hope

    Seoul Webfest 서울웹페스트 truly did fill my soul! I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with super talented filmmakers, amazing festival directors & staff, and the beautiful Korean people, who opened their hearts to all of us! I'm still basking in the afterglow of this festival, the awards show, the vibrant city, the beautiful country-side, and the most amazing Seoul FAMtour ever! I LOVE all my new friends <3
    Thank you, Young Man Kang (Founder & Executive Director), Bang Hyeongrin (Chairman), Melodie Everson, Anna Ward, Peter Kyuha Cho, and the entire Seoul Webfest Team for making this event so special! This experience continues to live in my heart.

    October 2018
  • Our show has been in this festival 3 times and I have to say this year was special. We met lots of new friends and reconnected with many old friends including Young Man Kang, Anna Ward and Melodie Everson who help run the festival. The facilities are top rate, there were great places to eat nearby and the networking was fantastic. The award show is in English and Korean as are most of the panels and workshops. Korea is chock full of web series that we rarely get to see. And Young Man does a very good job of balancing the fest with local and international show. You really need to enter this fest and if you get in, you owe it to yourself to attend. You won't be disappointed.

    September 2018
  • Neem Basha

    Can’t say enough great things about this festival. From the moment you are announced as an Official Selection, you get clear and courteous communication about next steps. The festival itself gives you a VIP feeling throughout. And after the festival, you get a special tour of historic Korea towns. It’s truly an incredible experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    September 2018
  • It was a huge honor and privilege to be a part of this festival with so many exciting projects! Was unfortunately unable to attend the amazing event. Hoping to submit again and get the opportunity to see it in person.

    September 2018