XSKULL8: Say You'll Be Mine (Music Video)

A music video portraying a story of a man reveling his memories of events between him and his girlfriend. At first he is alone and singing about what happened remembering at the it seems he is alone because of a fight but the end revels it was just a one bad moment in many beautiful ones.
The video as well as the song were based on a true story of how the song was written.
Of course due to the nature of the video the release date was February 14th of 2018.

  • Vital Butinar
  • Vital Butinar
  • Leya Marinčič
  • Leya Marinčič
    Director of Photography
  • Leya Marinčič
  • Vital Butinar
  • Miloš Krsmanović
  • Rok Žurga
    Key Cast
    "Jim Morgan"
  • Ziga Vovko
    Key Cast
    "Uncle Sigi"
  • Suzana Jurečič
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes 34 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 14, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    1,800 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, DSLR
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Vital Butinar

Even in early years Vital had a fondness for filmmaking when together with one of his friends who's father was a filmmaker himself got Vital interested in filmmaking when they made their first action packed film on a mutual friends birthday party. After that when Vital's father bought his first video camera Vital was immediately hooked on filmmaking and started trying to make films with his friends. But of course with the limited resources as children they were not able to produce any real films. After some years as Vital studied graphic design at university firstly discovered photography and later on filmmaking all reminded him how he wanted to be a filmmaker as a child. Unfortunately without access to any kind of filmmaking equipment his interest for filmmaking was kept at bay for another few years. Until while occupied with his other interest dancing, Vital got a chance to act in a commercial as a dancer. Being on a real filming set reminded him of how much he had wanted to be a filmmaker when he was younger and with help and encouragement from his partner he decided to get back into filmmaking. At first trying to get acquainted with the craft and learning as much as he could so he tried to find work as an extra on filming sets where he could observe the workings of a production and also reading books on filmmaking. After some time Vital decided that he had to start putting his theory into practice and together with his partner they decided to film their own dance video since they were both dancers and interested in filmmaking. Together they learned how to approach a project like that. Soon after completing his first project Vital was contacted by some friends who also wanted a dance video and after that things took of and together with his partner they formed Mirror 2 Mirror Productions. Recently Vital had directed and produced his first couple of music videos, a few short films and had also finished writing a draft of his first screenplay for a movie that he had started production on with hopes that he will one day be able to create a featured film.

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Director Statement

The moment I heard the song and story from Jim and Susana about how the song got created, Leya and I began getting ideas what to do for the video and what would fit and soon after that we got the idea to go really radical with the concept and make it understandable to anybody who was watching it.
Well I took out my sound recorder played the song and started speaking what was happening while the song was playing and then we just knew that we had a concept.
So the script got written shortly and soon after that we had a script break down and the schedule done so all was left was to shoot everything and edit. Those were the fun and easy things to do.
But in fact the whole experience of producing this music video was really great because it all started with a great song and the good story behind it which lead to a great story for the video making the pre-production process that was started in the middle of January 2018 really straight forward and everything was planed down to the T way before the night of the 25th of January 2018 when we actually shot the video. I must say that because the pre-production was done right shooting the video was a really pleasant and fun experience for myself as well as the best filming crew a director and producers could want. After concluding filming inside the crew had to move us between 4 outside locations on one of the colds nights in Ljubljana that winter. The temperature fell to 22°F (-6°C). But everyone was still amazing and because of the high spirits we actually wrapped up filming ahead of scheduled witch from what I'm told is an exception.
Because we had wrapped up with everything we had to shoot and more the post production went trough without a hitch. Our deadline for releasing the video was February 14th Valentine's Day but I was amazed that post-production was wrapped up amazingly quickly thanks to all the prep work done for shooting in pre-production. So everyone, the band, the crew, all the producers, myself and Leya could hardly wait until Valentine's Day when the video was released.
There were a couple of really funny and interesting moments during the shoot and one of the funesti for me must have been when we were shooting a scene with Jim singing and while his singing was great but I still wanted something extra from the performance so since I had gotten the information that Susana had already gone trough wardrobe and makeup I had asked for her to be brought on set. When she arrived I had asked her to just stay behind camera and it was so amazing and funny because Jim didn't actually recognize her at first but when he did his performance changed and it was like he was singing to her and only here and I got exactly what I needed for that scene.
But it got even more interesting while we were shooting the fight scene between Jim and Susana and they actually had to stage an argument. We I thought that this scene would be a breeze them being a couple in real life and all. But they kept bursting into laughter mid scene during their arguing. So I tried directing them and telling Susana things like "try imagining he is saying something stupid" or "imagine he's doing something really wrong and you're angry with him" and she kept laughing and saying "she's always saying something stupid" or "he always does something wrong" so after quite a few takes without getting what we needed I sat down at the table and said to them "ok... so you might not be angry now but try thinking how angry you guys will be with me when I keep you doing this scene over and over until the morning if we don't get it right..." and they both just started arguing so passionately that about their arguing that I was really glad that I had not called cut and the camera was still rolling. So we were getting what we needed for that scene and actually wrapped it up pretty quickly.
One of the most memorable moments for me was during the filming of the last scene because everyone was getting tired and really cold and we had just one more scene to shoot. The one where Jim played and sang for Susana on the bridge and during my favorite take while he was singing and she was adoring him with her eyes she actually blinked beautifully just at the right time and it looked perfect and the shot stayed in the video.
But the moment that stayed with me most was when the video was finally done and the final cut had been edited we had to present the video to the band and see if it was what we promised it would be. I remember we all gathered in the production office, the band, Jim, Susana, their manager, the producer, myself and Leya and everyone was excited to see what we had all created that January the 25th. Anyway after a few words from myself and Leya it was time to watch the video and the amazing thing was that both Leya and I weren't actually watching the video but the band and everyone watching the video. When the screening was done I asked the Jim, the band and Susana if they were happy with the result and it was so funny because everyone was speechless and the first thing Jim said was that he did not have any idea that this is how what we were shooting would look this amazing in the end and none of them could find the words to describe how happy the were with the result.
That was the final thing that Leya and I needed from this video. We knew that we had made an awesome video for almost no budget and it was done by people who had never before worked in the actual film industry but the reaction from the band was the final seal of approval which told us that we had made the video the way it should be done with everyone coming out happy with the result and even the journey being fun.
To this day whenever I start thinking of the video and song I immediately start singing it because it brings back a lot of nice memories and even though during filming we must have heard the song a 1000 times and even more in post production the whole crew kept singing the song for weeks after the shoot.
The video was produced in three main versions an official version that is used by the band, a TV version that is meant for television broadcast purposes and a director's cut version that was produced some time later.