A small-town artist with huge dreams.
At twenty years old, Sam Prim navigates through the world of cinema. Picking up any PA job he can get, consistently writing scripts, and taking every possible chance to make a film, Prim stands out from other student filmmakers. Not by a distinct look, not by a unique style, but solely by the work ethic and persistence to create believable narratives to be enjoyed and criticized by an audience.
Starting by writing and shooting portraits, Sam Prim decided to combine the storytelling and visual elements once graduating high school in 2021. After high school, Prim attended Auburn University for 3 semesters. Within these three semesters and before getting past the basic classes, Sam experimented by creating narrative shorts that were posted on the social media platform known as Tiktok. Once receiving positive feedback, Sam turned the camera from a vertical perspective to a horizontal medium. Switching from Tiktok to Youtube allowed for him to learn cinema in a more traditional way.
In 2022, Sam Prim wrote and directed many short films that are posted on his YouTube channel, UE Shorts, which is shared by a close friend and cinematographer Michael Baljet. This duo shot for a week in the hot summer of Dothan, Alabama for their longest film "Anomaly". This is the most popular short produced by the two and allowed them to reach a greater audience. Also in 2022, Sam Prim shot "Palette of Tears", which started as a school project, but quickly escalated to a much larger production. First premiering at Auburn's Indie Film Festival, the film is submitted to show at many more Southeastern Film Festivals. During a 48hr film challenge in Savannah Georgia, Sam joined multiple Auburn Alumni who brought home the gold. The crew won Best Picture alongside other awards for their film "Avenoir". The film went and showed at LA's Filmapalooza in 2023.
The future is looking promising for Sam Prim and his hardworking film crew. Currently, the team is shooting for a new short, "Murmuration of Souls", which will be released in late 2023. Sam Prim, Michael Baljet, and close-friend Daniel Foster are relocating to the East Coast to attend Savannah's College of Art and Design. They will all study Film and Television while they continue to work on independent shorts.
Official Selection
Palette of Tears
Auburn Indie Film Festival
Auburn Unversity
Visual Media Studies
Savannah College of Art and Design
Film and Television
Birth Date
April 13, 2003
Birth City
Current City
A small-town artist with huge dreams.
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