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Reality Check

"Wealthy executives/celebrities for one month, face the everyday struggles of living life on the income of the average struggling American in this troubled economy, while facing weekly obstacles and completing daily task to attempt to hang in the balance of paying the bills and keeping food on the table. Should they survive the month without quitting, and maintaining a positive balance in their accounts, they win a big payoff."

  • Antonio Moreno
    Reality Check
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    Television Script
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    Reality Show, Game Show
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Antonio Moreno

Antonio Edwin Moreno, is an American Actor, writer, and aspiring director. As an actor Moreno debuted on the Bio channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories in late 2011, and in 2015 he starred on Mysteries At the Museum as the famous Yankee's pitcher, Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez.

Moreno's roots in TV/Film began at a very early age. As a child Moreno spent most of his time watching television and wanting to become apart of the influential programs he watched throughout his childhood. And since the tender age of 6 years old when his mother bought him a 8mm camera, he knew his life's work would be destined for TV/Film. He first began his work in television as a high school student hosting his high school's morning news show "AM In the Dog House". During that time he also started his own video recording company Amateur Recordings where he filmed local weddings and special events. Later he graduated high school then attended Geneva College majoring in communications. He also attended both the Millville Aviation Academy and the Community College of Baltimore County, majoring in aviation while training for his private pilot's license.

Moreno is also a known humanitarian with past participation in many non-profit organizations including Youth 2 Youth, Teen Outreach Program, Peer Mediators, ASSIST, DELAY, AmeriCorp, and Public Ally's of Delaware. These groups traveled the U.S. promoting racial diversity and other humanitarian values. Moreno was also a guest speaker at a 1999 Male Advocacy Network conference held in Atlanta, GA on behalf of a program named DELAY which promoted delaying fatherhood for teenage inner-city youth. He was also a volunteer Fireman for his home town in South Jersey.

Moreno has recently been furthering his education for writing and directing as he pursues his directing career in television and film.

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Writer Statement

"Reality Check" is a reality show and game show, that the nation, even the world, has been waiting for. The vision and branding I see for this show will allow for it to air a version of the show in every world market and will create a brand that will be recognized by households world wide. This show will keep viewers not only watching but actively participating from cell phones nation wide in each market. Allow this vision to become a reality and become apart of a movement.