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Maša goes to visit her grandma in the woods. The Pianist returns from an all-night gig in the village tavern. His bicycle breaks in the woods. That's when he meets Maša. They like eachother. Maša takes him to her Grandma's - maybe the Neighbor can help fix the bike. But, that fails. Maša arranges for the Pianist to sleep at Grandma's. They all have dinner. Neighbor gets drunk, falls asleep. In the middle of the night, Pianist sneaks into Maša's room. They seduce each other. The Grandma wakes up, she has to pee. But she hears moaning coming from Maša's room. She enters and sees two lovers peaking. She starts screaming and the Neighbor awakes. He rushes into the room, grabs the Pianist and smashes his head.

  • Future Yugoslavia
  • Matija Hajdarhodžić
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  • Project Type:
    Short Script
  • Genres:
    Romance, Tragedy, Drama, Musical, Erotic, Historical
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Writer Biography - Matija Hajdarhodžić

The Upper Town, feature film (in post production)
- HAYSHISH, 2014.
- author / screenwriter / producer

Ljetovanje na Marsu, TV series
- HAYSHISH, 2017.
- author / screenwriter / producer

Uživateljska emisija, TV show
- HAYSHISH, 2017.
- author / screenwriter / producer

The Zagreb Equinox, feature film
- CEFGI, 2019, Svebor Mihael Jelić
- script consultant / casting director

Running with the refugees, documentary web series
- HAYSHISH / Future Yugoslavia, 2020.
- author / writer / producer / cameraman

Medika Diaries, documentary web series
- HAYSHISH / Future Yugoslavia, 2020.
- coauthor / producer

Nomination, documentary (in post-production)
- HAYSHISH, 2021.
- author / writer / director of photography / producer

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