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A high school outcast makes a bet with his popular best friend that he can hook up with the most popular girl in school before his friend can hook up with the weirdest girl in school... all for Wrestlemania tickets.

  • Jaiden Frost
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jaiden Frost

Jaiden Frost was born in Killeen, Texas on all Hallow's Eve, 1989. Of mixed decent; mostly Mexican, Irish and African American. He's an American director, known for his extensive internet work; being one of the first YouTubers in 2005, eventually finding a taste of viral fame in 2011 with his (now closed) vlog, "Five For Frost". In 2014 he released the very first ever full production Instagram horror series, "Take Care Of Me" and followed with three more; "Woman Crushed Wednesday", "Merry Crushed Monday" & "The Hitch-Hiker". In autumn of 2015, he released a very well received short film titled "Omnipotence".

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