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Onno von Klopp. How my great-great-grandfather unfortunately failed to prevent World War I. (Teaser)

A biopic about my great-great-grandfather Baron Onno von Klopp, a famous german author, historian and - finally - political refugee. Being secretary and emissary of King George V, he fled to Vienna when the Prussians invaded the Kingdom of Hannover. In Vienna, he became member of the royal court of Emperor Franz Joseph. He was the educator of Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand - the trigger of World War I - and became a close confidant of the Empress Elisabeth, commonly known as "Sissi".

Das bewegte Leben meines Ur-Ur-Großvaters Onno von Klopp, Schriftsteller, Historiker, politischer Flüchtling... Als Sekretär und Kurier des Königs von Hannover floh Onno gemeinsam mit "seinem" König an den Kaiserhof in Wien, nachdem die Preußen das Königreich erobert hatten. In Wien wurde Onno von Klopp Hocharchivar, Erzieher des kronprinzen Franz Ferdinand und schließlich auch Vertrauter der Kaiserin Elisbeth von Österreich - Sissy. Leider gelang es ihm nicht, den Ausbruch des 1. Weltkriegs zu verhindern.

  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Onno von Klopp
    Key Cast
  • Romy Schneider
    Key Cast
  • Daniel Burkholz
    Key Cast
  • Film Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
  • Completion Date:
    December 15, 2017
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  • Roadside Dokumentarfilm
Director Biography - Daniel Burkholz

Daniel Burkholz is an award winning filmmaker. He first worked as journalist for newspaper and radio, as editor of a scientific magazine and also as photographer. Later, he worked in the fields of environment protection, education, human and civil rights. After an intermezzo as divemaster, he studied the culture of the Sinai nomads, the nomads of the Great Thar desert, and the Aborigine's culture in Queensland. In 2005, he founded his company "Roadside Dokumentarfilm - Courageous Docs". The Roadside docs have already been officialy selected for more than 70 festivals around the world...

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Director Statement

My work is my way to take a standpoint.