Ohhh Baby!

Had one more in him
Didn’t think I was catching feelings till all my homies took a step towards winning
Now, look my situation is beautiful, bright moments to the
Building my army together like Lego’s
Had to understand when I let go, boy been feeling so Pedro
Vote for me, E to the Z dumbs it down like a child at
age 3
Hold up with that growth spurt, I’m getting wordy with my early
morning rhyming and chilling like a passed out hype man
That’s right, fam
Look at me use wordplay more clever than Boggle
If my options are limited, shoot, that’s why we have google
My boys telling me I’ve been on the roost for a hot second
I’ve been counting my blessings
Opened up my hands and said bring me the message
Slanging’ and banging’ since nature been naughty
All the time Mom’s been saying why am I being so insecure?
It’s because we went West and listened to the Cure
Now that Jah washed me over, I’ll be the rasta with more belief
in Karma’s 12 steps and four leaf clover
Dog, it’s been a wild trip
Drunk off life’s menaces
Shoopin’ on your woman like I stole the controller
Pushing baby boy in his high end Walmart stroller
Down and out to feed my mind
Grind like the kick, push anthem from the lyrical fiend so live
Beast in the sheets, Isley couldn’t play my tunes
I said Beast in the sheets, that’s why I copy write my fumes
But do you write? No, duh
I’ve been doing it more and more as I behave like a grown up
Try again
Let me base the pace of my race as I give chase and go waste them old paper balls since my mind is all over the place
Better go catch it with a butterfly net
Because the internet left your man thinking he isn’t grown yet
Fire up the burner, my mic’s a pipe over heat
Can’t touch it with this MC’s hammer
Got the fury of Thor that I bore
Still doing chores to keep my metaphors alive as I prod the bull
Bring on the horns
Young man been scorned but I still eat healthy
to keep the charms warm in a social forum
Boredom, that’s what your feeling from my masochist rhythm
Let’s get jiggy while Gos takes you off into a dance so thrilling
The million dollar feeling, rich in the soul
Mama Earth is like this baby about to vibe to your vibing
Aight fam!

  • Omara Olok
  • Ghalome "Vinz" Odiedi
  • Aaron Velasquez
  • E.Z.O.
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  • Flamingosis
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  • Vinz
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  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    3 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 5, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Born Omara Olok, E.Z.O. has crafted his style from the likes of Mike Shinoda, Will Smith, Nas, and other various genres across the world. Growing up listening to African music, Olok had a fascination from his youth of having a rhythm and 'vibe' of his own accord. Around his teen years, he focused on his poetry and decided to blend other rhyme schemes together and project them into bringing people what he deems 'good vibes music'.

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Artist Statement

"I'm just trying to keep the vibes moving and the energy alive each day."