Off to the Island!

Disillusioned by modern society and technology’s oppressive presence, a varied bunch of people buy and then move to an island to begin a new nation—but it doesn’t turn out to be what they’d hoped.

  • Mike Meier
    JoinWith.Me, The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Mike Meier

Mike Meier grew up in a blue-collar housing project in Germany. His grandfather was a 1930s traveling magician and fortune-teller known as Wladi-Kami. On his own since his teens, Mike has lived in several different countries, including Argentina and Japan, and has worked jobs such as washing dishes, repairing bicycles, and painting homes. When he is not writing books or award-winning screenplays, you’ll find him playing Latin and Flamenco guitar somewhere…or playing in a rock band. He holds a Master’s Degree in political science, as well as a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws.

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