No 1

Documentary film NO 1 tells a story about Dragan Pantelić, legendary goalkeeper of the Yugoslav national team and the FC Radnički from Niš. The title of the movie was inspired by number on jersey that Pantelić wore.
This documentary reveals numerous previously untold stories about this unique and interesting athlete. With an abundance of previously unpublished documentary material, this is an exciting, emotional story and unique document of time of the golden age of Yugoslav football. It’s a reminder of a time when football was more about sport and less about business.

  • Oliver Paunović
  • Vladimir Ristić
  • Vladimir Ristić
  • Boban Rajković
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    52 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 28, 2020
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Vladimir Ristić

Vladimir Ristic
Adress: Takovska 29, Nis 18000
Phone: +38162 458 444

• ACADEMY OF ARTS IN BELGRADE - DEPARTMENT OF FILM AND TV PRODUCTION, graduate television director, class of Slobodan Šuljagić 1995– 1999
• Director, part-time associate of the documentary program, and program editorial office for culture RTV Montenegro,
• Production Director “Dream Co. film and video distribution ”;
• Art director of "Dream Company";
• Program director and member of the editorial board of Nis Televisions,
• Director, part-time associate of the documentary program, and program editorial staff of the documentary program Alternative TV, Banja Luka
• Promotional documentary films, TV spots, television shows of various types, commercial and fair presentations, political campaigns… assistant director of two feature films…
• Over 80 TV program contents of various genres, formats and durations
• Television shows of various types, genres and contents;
Important works:
o Feature film "Zona Zamfirova" - a complete marketing campaign of the film
o Feature film "Robbery of the Third Reich", assistant director Zdravko Šotra, and the complete marketing campaign of the film
o "The Story of Vilin Grad", feature film, documentary by Nis, co-writer and director
o 1998 "By itself" short fiction, 26 min
o 1999 "Women in Politics" doc
o BAPSI'S STORY (screenplay & direction, 14 min. RTV Montenegro)
o (IM)POSSIBLE MISSION (script & direction, 12min RTV Montenegro)
o TO THE END (script & direction, 15 min. RTV Montenegro)
o WITH DIPLOMA IN THE ARMY (screenplay & direction, 11min. RTV Montenegro)
o WINNERS (screenplay & direction, 9min. RTV Montenegro)
o Educators (screenplay & direction, 22 min. RTV Montenegro)
o "Banja Luka Pericles" screenwriter and co-director, 30 min - Alternative TV Banja Luka
o "RK Železnicar - Niš" 50 years (script & direction, 40 min) - Incoplan Niš
o Composting - a great chance for Serbia, (script & direction, 20 min.) - RPK Srbija
o Wandering Hearts - Archive of Emotions, documentary music, 67 min, City marketing center
o Hippie Valley - doc. Film (screenplay), - City Marketing Center
o While. film about Živojin Isaković, Čokalija - “Where is that Niš” - City Marketing Center, Nis,
o Documentary film about Desimir Stanojević, - "Everything was a musical" - City Marketing Center, Nis
o Documentary film about Dragan Pantelić, - “No 1” - City Marketing Center, Nis
o Documentary film about Živojin Žika Milenković, - "People's Actor" - City Marketing Center, Nis
o Documentary film about Zoran Radmilović, Glumčina - City Marketing Center, Nis and the Timok Krajina Theater ZR - Zajecar
o Documentary - "Welcome to Svrljig" - City Marketing Center Nis
o Documentary film "That is Toma" about Toma Zdravković - City Marketing Center, Nis and Cultural Center Aleksinac

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