I am a young artist living in Montréal.
I graduated in December 2022 from Pivaut Montéal school specializing in 2d Animation.
For the graduation project, I had to create a short film on my own. This is how “Mr. Vaxt’s Venture” was born.
This animated short film was made from start to finish by me, except for the sound design, which was done in collaboration with MusiTechnic school.
My short film is a full hand-drawn animated film, made in the software Toon Boom Harmony 21.
“Mr. Vaxt’s Venture”’s concept is about work and the infernal cycle of life.
Repetitive like an alarm clock, which calls us to action, because we all are governed by time.
In tribute to Dr. Seuss. I hope that his art will continue to exist and inspire future generations.
Birth Date
November 11, 1998
Birth City
Current City
Montreal Québec Canada
Annecy, France
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