When you enjoy the process, the outcome is bound to be beautiful
I hail from a quaint town called Kalimpong situated in Darjeeling, a charming hill station of India. This place is renowned for its rich cultural, art and breathtaking natural beauty. During my childhood, I had the privilege of listening to enchanting folk tales from my grandparents while freely exploring the lush woods nestled amidst snowy valleys.
As a fervent filmmaker, my focus and research primarily revolve around social issues and human psychology. Being a writer and director, my passion lies in creating films that not only shed light on pressing social concerns but also raise awareness within different sections of society. I derive immense pleasure from every stage of the filmmaking process, right from generating ideas, crafting screenplays to directing and overseeing post-production. My aspiration is to establish a lasting and purposeful legacy through the art of storytelling.
By profession, I am a User Experience Designer - Associate Creative Director for an MNC for the past 16 years.
Delhi University
User Experience Design
High School
Dr. Graham's Home
UX Design (Advertising & Multimedia)
Birth Date
March 31, 1984
Birth City
Kalimpong, Darjeeling
Current City
New Delhi
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Entire movie was shot with only 1 camera, however we were able to achieve the look & feel of multiple camera in the editing table. it's a series of multiple shots of same scene.
Character of Netra played by Julie Singh is visually impaired in real life. we went through 2 weeks of workshop everyday to get her to the understand the character's emotion, ensure she understands her marking on location.
Since the idea of having brail failed after multiple attempt, we decided to record all the dialogues and hand it over to Julie so she could not only memorise her dialogues but also understand the required emotion, the pauses and pace I was looking for.
We decided not to give Julie the white cane and black glasses, the idea was to project her as a confident, fun loving and an ambitious girl which she is actually even in real life
Initially Mr. Vincent idea was conceived as a Christian priest, who runs the initiative of "Be a Scribe" however after much debate we decided to make the character as a regular middle age man who comes as a guiding force and a mentor to Joy the protagonist of the film.
Honesty is the best policy
When you enjoy the process, the outcome is bound to be beautiful
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