VIP Festival Pass Daily

Price $10.00

Event Date Nov 14, 2020 9:00 AM | Show Details Hide Details

VIP Festival Pass allows you to select the movies you want to see on each day, to come and go and see other films, to receive free popcorn and refreshments and to sit in on the panel discussion by filmmakers who discuss their films. 50% of each VIP Festival PASS is donated to a local non-profit organization so buying a ticket to the festival makes you a true VIP by supporting a worthy non-profit organization which will be determined by the festival in November.

The VIP Festival PASS donates 50% of each ticket bought to a local non-profit organization. The VIP Festival PASS allows festival goers to vote for the Best of the FEST awards given on both days of the festival and to participate in the panel discussions led by filmmakers describing their films.The PASS also enables festival goers to free popcorn and refreshments on each day. PASS tickets are for one day only. To attend both days of the Fest you need to purchase two tickets.