My Eyes Can See

My Eyes Can See is the music video of the title track of Menaka's debut solo album of the same name. She is the Winner of the 2023 Queensland Music Awards (World Music Category).

This song was written at a time when Menaka was battling a chronic disease that nearly claimed her vision. In a time of despair and weakness, Menaka found her music and it sustained her in the journey back to health. However, as Menaka started regaining her vision and ventured back into the physical light of the world, her mind still remained in darkness. It struggled to find the emotional strength it needed to move forward with courage and conviction. This song is a plea and a prayer: "Now my eyes can see, I'll let you guide my path and lead me out of this darkness".

  • Kaushik Das
  • Hing Ang
    Director of Photography
    The Tipping Point
  • Esther de Schone
    Production Design
    ReFraction, The Tipping Point, The Demon Disorder
  • Kaushik Das
  • Menaka Thomas
  • Menaka Thomas
    Key Cast
  • Nesha Bz
    Key Cast
  • Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj
    Key Cast
    "Head Nurse"
  • Sakthi Leaa Braakensiek
    Key Cast
    "Ayurvedic Nurse "
  • Pavitra Chandra
    Key Cast
    "Ayurvedic Nurse "
  • Anu Sharma
    Key Cast
    "Ayurvedic Nurse "
  • Eli Garrahy
    Production Assistants
  • Ethan Gowland
    Production Assistants
  • Sam Thomas
    Production Assistants
  • Charmara Dissanayake
    Production Stills
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Spirt
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 51 seconds
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Director Biography - Kaushik Das

Kaushik Das is an Indian Australian actor, writer and director who works in both English and Indian cinema. He was recently seen in Apple TV’s television adaptation of Gregory David Robert’s best-selling novel “Shantaram” and the award-winning Australian western, "The Furnace" which premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival.

As a child, Kaushik witnessed the horrifying civil unrest in his mother's hometown of Dhubri in Assam, India. The horrific violence he saw as a young boy on the streets of this small town, never left him and inspired him to pursue a career in Law. Kaushik spent his college days volunteering in Legal Aid services providing advice on legal matters for those who could not access legal help. He also worked in the Criminal Courts in Queensland, Australia until one day he was ambushed by a criminal he was prosecuting. On that day, he decided to trade in the real life drama for some "reel" life drama.

Growing up on a childhood diet of Bollywood and Western films, Kaushik decided it was time for a career change and finally pursued his childhood dream of becoming a performing artist and storyteller. His first performance as a child was that of playing the Indian Monkey God "Hanuman" in an outdoor theatre in front of a packed house of more than 500 people.

In 2021 he was awarded the John Dommett Medal from his old alma mater the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory for outstanding industry achievement.

Kaushik also produced "ReFraction" which won Best Short Film at Delhi International Film Festival and also screened at the prestigious New York Indian Film Festival and the Kolkata International Film Festival.

Kaushik is currently in development of a television series and a feature film.

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Director Statement

I still remember the first time I heard the title track, MY EYES CAN SEE, from Menaka’s debut album. I was sitting in her lounge room, enjoying a warm cup of masala chai she had lovingly prepared for me. From the first note I was entranced by the haunting melody of her voice, the intricate musical arrangement of classical and contemporary instruments from around the world, all blending in perfect harmony. It was a coming together of the musical souls of the East and the West. MY EYES CAN SEE etched a beautiful imprint upon my heart.

Not long after, Menaka asked me if I would direct the music video for the song. I was honoured as I knew how much her debut single meant to her. It was a profoundly personal piece that she had written after overcoming one of the darkest periods of her life. As a young woman, her vision had started to rapidly deteriorate, and she almost lost all her sight. She embarked on a journey of healing, trying everything from modern Western medical interventions to ancient Indian ayurvedic treatments. Ultimately, after many years of immense struggle, she was able to find a cure. Like an alchemist, she transformed these extremely difficult physical and emotional challenges to create a life overflowing with serenity and love.

Our music video explores these issues metaphorically through a fantastical fairy tale. We transport audiences to the deep recesses of our protagonist’s mind and her fight to survive against her internal demons. Ultimately, the protagonist learns that fighting life (and herself) is not the answer. Only after you surrender to love will you find your ultimate peace.

MY EYES CAN SEE speaks to all of us who may be dealing with our own challenges and sometimes letting our negative voices take hold of us. We all face the darkness at some time in our lives. The song is about hope and the belief that the sun will rise again tomorrow, bringing the light of love once more into our lives.