Private Project

Mountain Boy

Suhail, a young boy with Autism, flees to live in the mountains after his father shuns him, not understanding his disability. Pinned with the confusing sadness that his mother died in childbirth with him, Suhail's perspective of the world is more nuanced - he is at one with nature, understands empathy, and has a kindness that infiltrates those who engage with him. Adamant to find his mother's family, Suhail makes the epic journey, encountering kindness along the way, bestowing upon those who will listen to his solutions to their problems. Upon returning home, Suhail warns the village of an intense storm coming and, in the midst, reconciles with his father, who confesses he is angry with sadness and offers up his apologies. We hear about how Suhail's legacy prevailed, and he taught those to listen to nature and respect it - much like how humans thrive.

سهيل فتى صغير مصاب بالتوحد. يهرب من منزل والده ويذهب ليستقر في الجبال بعد أن يطرده والده من المنزل لعدم فهم وضعه الإستثنائي.
يحمل سهيل بداخله حزنًا كبيرًا لفقدانه والدته يوم ولادته، وتبعًا لذلك فإن نظرة سهيل للعالم من حوله اختلفت، وأصبح سهيل يرى الأمور بشكل أكثر دقة، ووجّه اهتمامه نحو حب الطبيعة.
سهيل فتى متعاطف ولطيف لأبعد الحدود، كما لديه قبول اجتماعي كبير جعل كل من قابله أن يحبه ويتعامل معه.
يسعى سهيل للعثور على عائلة والدته ويجعل ذلك هدفه الأساسي. ومن هنا، ينطلق سهيل في رحلته الأسطورية والتي يواجه فيها مغامرات عديدة تحمل في طياتها الإحسان من كل جانب، ويتعرّف فيها على أشخاص عدّة قاموا بإحتوائه واستمعوا له بينما قدّم لهم سهيل المساعدة.
وفور عودته إلى منزله، يحذّر سهيل أهل قريته من خطر عاصفة رياح عاتية قادمة، ويجد فيها الصلح مع والده الذي يعترف بأخطائه ويعتذر له.
وبهذا، تسود قصص مغامرات سهيل عن بطولاته وشجاعته وإصراره على نشر حب الطبيعة وإحترامها كحب الناس للتطوّر والازدهار.

  • Zainab Sheheen
  • Nancy Paton
  • Raihana Al Haishim
  • Nancy Paton
  • Meredith Brett
  • Naser Saleh
    Key Cast
  • Reem Saleh
    Key Cast
  • Ahmed Al Jasmi
    Key Cast
  • Belal Abdullah
    Key Cast
  • Saeed Almesmari
    Key Cast
  • Ahmad Abdulrazzak
    Key Cast
  • Saleh
    Lead Artists
  • Desnson Baker
  • Genres:
    Adventure, Family
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 32 minutes 38 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 29, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    2,500,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United Arab Emirates
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • Australian Cinematography Society Awards
    November 15, 2023
    Private Screening by the Jury NO Premiere
    Cinematography Gold Award Feature Film Budget $3M Aus
Director Biography - Zainab Sheheen

Mountain Boy is the feature film directorial debut of Emirati director Zainab Shaheen. Born in Fujairah, she is committed to empowering Emirati through uniquely Emirati stories.

Zainab's previous short films include Journey of Hope, Dates to Mars, Fujairah Vlog, and UAE 2071.

Zainab has also worked with The British Council on an international collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, spotlighting her game development, social media, and digital filmmaking experience.

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Director Statement

Mountain Boy is my feature film directorial debut. I was born in Fujairah and I am committed in empowering UAE-based talent in uniquely Emirati stories I plan to share with the world. Mountain Boy is the most significant and most important training I have had in cinema and directing as the actor who plays Mountain Boy is autistic so we had to make many changes to our filming style and schedule so that he felt safe and respected. I am humbled to have directed this film which has become a passion project for me. It honours the UAE, my homeland, and the community that is guided by a boy who teaches us about the power we have to change our world. This is a story that needs to be told. A story of a land. A story of a nation. A story of a mountain boy who gave us his world so that we might one day realise how to change our own.