Mequinensa International Film Festival is an international festival of short films that will be held in Mequinenza (Spain). It will take place on September 2023. The festival is organized by FilmFactory and is sponsored by Mequinenza City Council. The festival is totally free to attend.

The festival is held in Mequinenza, a small town in Aragon (Spain) surrounded by three rivers and several water-related tourist attractions. It aims to promote water topics through audiovisual works. Our mission is to showcase and promote international water-related short films and to offer a unique and diverse programming from all over the world.

Mequinenza will celebrate this edition of MIFF festival with a broad number of different film-related and activities for all publics. We aim filmmakers to attend the screenings in order to create a dialogue between public and filmmakers.

Mequinensa International Film Festival is looking for SHORT FILMS which water is a main character or short films that deal with water-related issues.

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Mequinenza International Film Festival es un festival internacional de cortometrajes que tendrá lugar en Mequinenza (España) en Septiembre de 2023. El Festival está organizado por en colaboración con por el Ayuntamiento de Mequinenza. El festival tiene entrada gratuita.

Mequinenza es una pequeña población en Aragón, rodeada por tres ríos y cuenta con diferentes atractivos turísticos relacionados con el agua. El Festival pretende promocionar los temas relacionados con el agua a través de obras cinematográficas. Nuestra misión es dar a conocer y promover cortometrajes internacionales relacionados con el agua y ofrecer una programación única y diversa venida desde todo el mundo.

Mequinenza celebrará el MIFF con un amplio número de actividades diferentes y relacionadas con el cine para todos los públicos.

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Mequinensa International Film Festival és un festival internacional de curtmetratges que tindrà lloc a Mequinensa al setembre de 2023. El Festival està organitzat per en col·laboració amb l'Ajuntament de Mequinensa. El festival és d'entrada gratuïta a totes les activitats.

Mequinensa és una petita població a Aragó, envoltada de tres rius i compta amb diferents atractius turístics relacionats amb l'aigua. El Festival vol promocionar els temes relacionats amb l'aigua a través d'obres cinematogràfiques. La nostra missió és fer conèixer i promoure curtmetratges internacionals relacionats amb l'aigua i oferir una programació única i diversa vinguda des de tot el món.

Mequinensa celebrarà el MIFF amb un ampli nombre d'activitats diferents i relacionades amb el cinema per a tots els públics.

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1) Mequinensa International Film Festival accepts films with a maximum duration of 20 minutes submitted by both professional and amateur filmmakers. Water needs to be a main character in the short film or deal with WATER-RELATED issues.
2) Selection. A selection committee will decide which films will participate in the Festival at its own discretion. The committee is not obliged to justify its decision. The committee’s decision will be final.
3) Film Language. The festival has an international character so films from any country will be accepted, but selected short films in any language other than Spanish or Catalan MUST have Spanish or Catalan subtitles to be considered for screening.
4) Film Length. Short films must not be longer than 20 minutes.
5) Screening format. For screening purposes, selected films must be available on digital files.
6) Filmmakers must send a press kit with three photos and a poster if they are selected for screening their work.
7) Organizers assume people registering works hold the rights for exhibition of the works they register in the festival, as well as authorization to receive the prize. In any case, organizers waive to the responsibility that may be derived from breach of this term.
8) For the award of prizes, the winner MUST be present in the awards ceremony or send a video expressing his/her gratitude for the prize. The festival can help with the accommodation costs.
9) Deadline. The registration term ends on 30th June, 2023.
10) The organization has the right to rule on all cases not foreseen by these regulations.
11) The catalogue listing the films selected will be published on Mequinensa International Film Festival website in August.

Overall Rating
  • Un placer que mi película Al abrigo del tiempo haya sido seleccionada en la sección Panorama Aragonés. Excelente festival al que tuve oportunidad de asistir y disfrutar de muchos trabajos todos ellos de gran calidad.

    September 2023
  • Annika Giannini

    We are very happy and honoured to be awarded “Best animation Short film” for our film “Bookstore” ! We would have loved to attend the festival but sadly it wasn’t possible. The communication with the festival was perfect – thanks again for a memorable experience!

    September 2022
  • Gisela Chicolino

    Destacamos su curaduría y los alentamos a seguir aportando su pantalla y audiencia a las películas indepdendientes!

    September 2022
  • Judy Herbstein

    We are so proud to be awarded the "Antonio Blas" Audience Award for our short "Rowing for Life". What an honor! So sorry we could not attend the festival in person but were there in spirit. I would like to thank Javier Rodes, festival director, for wonderful communications and support!!! It has been a true pleasure and honor!

    September 2022
  • Jesús Soria

    Fantástico festival temático en Aragón con un buen nivel de comunicación y posibilidades de interacción con otros cortometrajistas.
    ¡Muchas felicidades!

    September 2021