My films are about intimate glances into people's lives
Melanie has been a camera woman/audio engineer for The United Nations, CNN News and other networks. She’s created 10 shorts which were selected for national/international festivals winning awards.
She’s photographed major New York dance companies, was awarded 2 Grammy certificates of participation for 2 Grammy CD’s, and photographs for the United Nations. Her photography also appears in The New York Times, "Jazz Times" and “”
She’s the author of “Don Alias, Stories of a Legendary Percussionist,” which received five stars on Amazon and favorable reviews in jazz publications. Her book can be found in libraries and bookstores and was listed on the WGBH 24/7 Jazz Booklist. She's written featured articles for dance magazines had her own column in 2 jazz magazines.
As a choreographer some of Melanie's work was performed at Harlem Arts Festival, Martha Graham Studio Theatre, Broadway Dance Center, Battery Dance Festival and Symphony Space.
She previously performed with New York and Boston dance companies
Award Winner - Best Woman's Film
"Mel's Kitchen"
Mokha Fim Festival
My films are about intimate glances into people's lives
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