Mao Ce Dun


Short Synopsis:
Stylish, thought provoking and darkly humorous, this groundbreaking feature unfolds the reality in a communist country in the 1970s through the eyes and wise ways of an ordinary gipsy. The events take place in a small city in Albania, South Eastern Europe. Besides the well-organized civilized life, a strange gipsy community is settled in the city. The calm flow of their life is troubled by the birth of a child. The son, who is the ninth child of this gipsy family, will bring joy not only to his family, but to the entire gipsy community. In fact, his birth and well-being will be on top of the agenda of Albanian and Chinese officials. What could possibly trouble a strong communist power of the time? Well, a child is born. Not an ordinary one. His name is MAO CE DUN. A gipsy Mao Ce Dun in the 1970s.

  • Besnik Bisha
  • Besnik Mustafaj
  • Besnik Bisha
  • Fadil Hasa
    Key Cast
  • Miola Sitaj
    Key Cast
  • Marko Bitraku
    Key Cast
  • Vamgjel Toce
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 5, 2007
  • Production Budget:
    400,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • • 2008 International Festival of Moscow, Russia(A Category) official selection: "Mao-Ce-Dun"
Director Biography - Besnik Bisha

Name: Besnik Bisha
Proffesion: Director / Writer
Date of birth : 09th of August 1958
Birthplace : Tirane
Adress : Rr. Atjonit / Pll: Filipeu 2. / Ap23
• High Institute of Arts, Tirane
• Diploma- Acting
• Diploma –Artistic Movie Director (postgraduate)

Administrative experiences
• 2015- Still professor at the University of arts, Tirana
• 2014- Professor at the University of arts, Tirana
• 2013- Head of the board of “AQSHF” (Central Albanian Film Archive)
• 2012- Earns the title Professor
• 2009- Professor at the Arts Academy, Tirana
• 2005-2009 – Professor at the Arts Academy, Tirana (external)
• 2009- Chairman of the “Tirana Film Festival” jury
• 2007 -Chairman of the “National Albanian Theater competition” jury
• 2006-2010 - Member of the bo of “MKRS” (Ministry of Culture ,Youth and Sports”
• 2004-Producer of “Mao ce Dun”

• 2002- Chairman of “Albanian Clip Festival” jury
• 2002- Principal of “Albafilm Studio”
• 2002- Produce of the movie “Edeni i Braktisur”
• 1998- Produce of the movie “Porta Eva”
• 1997-Produce of the movie “Bolero”
• 1997 -1999- Member of the boar of “QKK” (National Film Center)
• 1996- Producer at “B&G Film Pro” film studio
• 1991- Director at “Albafilm” film studio
• 1990- Director at “Shqiperia e Re” film studio
• 1981- Assistan director at “Shqiperia e Re” film studio

Add Director Biography
Director Statement

Name: Besnik Bisha
Proffesion: Director / Writer
Date of birth : 09th of August 1958
Birthplace : Tirane
Adress : Rr. Elbasanit, pall.3 hy2. ap23

• 1989- “Mundi per tekskena” documentart style.
• 1989- “SinjalDashurie” short film.
• 1990- “Njererz ne rryme” feature film.
• 1993- “Zemra e Nenes” feature film.
• 1995- Director of the Independence Day special .
• 1997- “Bolero” feature film.
• 2007- “Mao Ce Dun” feature film.
• 2014- Artistic film with 5 episodes “Milenium”
• 2015- “Gjaku i Shprishur” feature film.
• Director of many TV advertisings .

Participations in Festivals
• 1993 International Festival of Salerno, Italy: "Zemra e nenes".
• 1993 Mediterranean Festival of Bastia, France: "Zemra e nenes"
• 1994 National Festival of Albania, "Zemra e nenes"
• 1996 European Festival of Luhacevice, Czech Republic: "Zemra e Nenes"
• 1997 European Festival of Saint-Etienne, France: "Bolero"
• 1998 Mediterranean Festival of Bruxelles, Belgium: "Bolero"
• 1999 Mediterranean Festival of Roterdam, Netherlands: "Bolero".
• 2008 Balcanic Festival in Greece: "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 European Festival of Sofia,Bulgaria: "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 Independent Cinema Festival Rome, Italy: "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 International Festival of Moscow, Russia(A Category) official selection: "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 International Festival of Karlovy Vary,Czech Rep.(A Category) official selection :"Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 International Festival of Cairo, Egypt. (A Category) as a special guest : "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2008 International Festival of Amsterdam, Netherlands "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2009 International Festival of Genoa,Italy "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2009 International Festival of Hungay, "Mao-Ce-Dun"
• 2009 Struga Film Fest: "Mao-Ce-Dun"