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In the midst of the Great Depression, 15 years old Bobby McClellan is kicked out from home by his father. Together with his younger brother Teddy, they attempt to travel to California to find better fortune. In a twist of fate, the boys are recruited by the infamous Noah’s Ark- the most dangerous traveling circus in the State...

  • Le Han
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    Student, Screenplay
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    Drama, Coming of Age, Period
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Le Han

Le Han was born in Vietnam. He is an independent writer and director that resides in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Design from Raffles College of Design in Sydney, Australia in 2012. He taught in college for a few years before making a switch to writing and directing full-time. Hoang wrote and directed five short experimental films from 2015 to 2018 that won several awards. His first film "The Great Game of Men" was nominated as a finalist in nine festivals in 2017. A huge fan of cinema history and classic literature, Hoang enjoys writing stories with complex characters and compelling plot twists.

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Writer Statement

MAKE ‘MERICA GREAT AGAIN is my first feature script. It is about two Irish-American brothers who were kicked out by their father, then embark on a journey through America as drifters, eventually starting a dangerous career in the circus. The story takes place during the Great Depression.
It took me a year to do the research and another’s to come up with the first draft. I was very excited to dive into the world of the 1930s and navigate my way around it. I am currently working with my artists to produce a rough storyboard for the story, so I can visualize the camera shots better.