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I want to be a part of work that is recognized and valued because it stirs emotion in people. Reacting and relying on instinct and feeling is what creates the best results. This means that collaborating with people and bouncing ideas off each other in the moment is a key component to my work as well, creating honest art and genuine collaboration.
Starting at a young age, I saw the world through the lens of a camera, everything in life was a movie and I was the filmmaker. Today, I walk through life seeing light, geometry, symmetry, genuine moments between people, balance, shapes and beauty and often times you will find me capturing them with my camera.
A brief background in my story is that I studied film at SAIT for two years. The year following graduation I travelled to Africa and Guatemala doing volunteer film projects and upon arriving back in Canada I started working for a video production company and remained there for three years.
In 2015, I launched Six Two Six Productions and started my journey as a freelance filmmaker. To me, this is merely the prologue. Six Two Six is evolving and I look forward to seeing what a career in film has in store for me.
Film and Video Production
Birth Date
May 5, 1988
Stay tuned for our latest Film