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Kaveh is a LGBT sculptor. He lives in Iran and lives in isolation because of his sexual orientation. He has a lover named Farhad. Their relationship is not very good. It is Kaveh who is not happy with this relationship, he lives in his workshop because of the repression of LGBTs in Iran. He is making a statue when he suddenly realizes that this statue is talking to him. The words of the statue are not clear and are more like chatter. He breaks up his relationship with Farhad like his previous relationships, because something more than sex requires a relationship. He enjoys being alone more, but now he realizes that Farhad has destroyed the only statue they made together. The whispering sound of the statue increases and every moment Kaveh's mental state is more disturbed, to the point that he works day and night to build that statue. The statue is completed as if the statue is the lost lover of Kaveh. By completing the statue of Kaveh, he himself becomes a statue.

    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • Hanif Parandeh
  • Ali Safari
    Set Designer
  • Morteza Maleknia
    Costume Designer
  • Hanif Parandeh
    Edit, Colorist, Music
  • Meisam Motamedi
  • Soheil Hosein Khani
  • Raha Hajizeinal
    Make-Up Artist
  • Ali Mohammadi
    Camera first Asisstant
  • Navid Panahi
    Camera second Asisstant
  • Javad Taghizadeh
    Best Boy
  • Farid Zangi
    First director assistant
  • Ghazaal Gholamiii
    Script Superviser
  • Alireza Salmanian
  • Reza Javidi
  • Parisa Tavakoli
  • Amirhossein Yaghmouri
    Behind the scene
  • Amin Ghanbari
  • Saeed Zamani
    Unit production manager
  • Asif Ghasemi
    The Production assistant
  • Farshad Hassani
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 31, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    9,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Country of Filming:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Shooting Format:
    XVAC 4K, 422 10 BIT
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Large Format Studio
    Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - RAHA ZAHRA HAJIZEINAL

Raha Hajizeinal was born in Tehran on May 26, 1987. Acting from the time of his studies at the Cinema University, theater began. Raha has made two films so far, Mitosis is her third film. She has received the best director award from the Iranian National Youth Festival for the film Niaz.
Alireza Amini's cinematic film was her first professional career in the field of cinema. asphyxia, Shabash,Maman, No.9, Blue whale, and like a nightmare, including the works of Hajizeinal in the field of cinema and television. In September 2021, she staged two plays, Holodomor and Auschwitz in Kyiv, Ukraine, and at the Lviv Theater Festival in Ukraine. She won the Special Jury Prize of the Golden Lion Theater Festival in (LVIV) Ukraine.

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Director Statement

I live in a society where good and evil are very bold, everything is either completely accepted or completely rejected. Unfortunately, minorities are often rejected or rejected. If you have a desire against the general society, you will be humiliated or rejected. People in my country pay a high price for what they want. Of course, there are these problems at different levels in every society, but in my society, this is very prominent. There are many don'ts for us. We have to give up our demands as a woman, as a sexual minority, as an artist, or as other minorities. The fact that I consider women a minority in my country shows the depth of the tragedy. Kaveh's character in the movie, Mitosis, is rejected from society because of his demands as a queer. In these dos and don'ts, I have gone to the life of an artist who is involved in the hatred of his life's dos and don'ts. I wanted to show the extent of this person's emotions. Although these feelings may be considered wrong in my society. Kaveh is the story of Mitosis, our fellow citizen. I want my people to see this fellow citizen. The main character of my film, Kaveh, is a sculptor, someone who creates his desires and maybe his dreams in his sculptures. He thinks about more than his sexual desires. He seeks to assert his identity. The identity that society has taken away from him. He seeks his purest image as an artist. I want to say in this film that we should respect the interests and desires of all people, we should consider them as members of our society. We should not be judged by our choices, even if that choice is to create a work of art. I want the film Mitosis to be a representative of the people who have been living in secret for years in my country. In this film, I want to show the private face of an artist who is only looking for a normal life. I want to show the life of a person who may be ridiculed for his choices in my society, but when we go into his daily life, we see how pure his feelings are, how beautifully he can fall in love, and how far he can go. Burn in this love. I want the audience of the film Mitosis to associate with this person as a representative of the artists. Maybe this movie can change the view of my society and the world society towards artists. I want the audience of Mitosis, especially other artists in Iran and the world, to identify with the characters of the film. This is my main goal in making the Mitosis film. The respect and identity of the artists are completely preserved with every choice and attitude.