DOKer was created to bring wonderful independent documentary films from all over the world to the Russian audience and provide a discussion platform for authors, experts and spectators.

The principles of DOKer are:
- When we say 'documentary film' we put the emphasis on ‘film'.
- There are countless ways to make a documentary but we believe it has to be dramatic and interesting.
- Image and sound are as important for docs as they are for fiction films. The film language is universal, and we use it to tell our stories.

- Jury Award for the Best Feature Documentary
- Jury Award for the Best Short Documentary
- Jury Award for the Best Directing
- Jury Award for the Best Cinematography
- Jury Award for the Best Editing
- Jury Award for the Best Sound
- Audience Award for the Best Feature Documentary
- Additional prizes

DOKer seeks theatrical style documentaries. We tend towards new films that have received minimal exposure in Russia. The Russian premiere required for all foreign films in the competition programs.

A version of the film with English subtitles, exception to be made for English spoken films.

Short and feature length documentaries can compete. All the selected films will be screened with English subtitles and with Russian subtitles (the last one made by DOKer).

Our programming favors feature length films, although we do have a short competitive section.

Overall Rating
  • Pedro Pires

    Wonderful Festival and team! Great communication! I feel so lucky and honored for the win at DOKer! Hope to see Moscow and these wonderful people some day! Thanks for all guys!! Pedro xx

    September 2020
  • Lucila Riggio

    We are honored to have our short film 'Mud Road' among the official line up of the festival. Unfortunately the filmmaker couldn't attend as per COVID restrictions.

    September 2020
  • Lucie Viver

    I was not able to attend the festival, due to the pandemy.
    But all the team was perfect in distance.
    And the Q&A organized online was a very good moment with stimulating questions from the public and the moderator and with interesting film references.
    I definitely recommend DOKer!

    September 2020
  • Raúl Riebenbauer

    Congrats to DOKer team!!! You did a great job, specially in this complicate Covid-19 circumstances.
    I'm very happy and honoured to be part of your Shorts Section. Next time I'll visit you, be sure.
    Please, stay safe and healthy.

    September 2020
  • Moscow DOKer provide such a well-organised event that is friendly and informative. We're so pleased our client THE NUMBER got to be a part of this exciting program. We highly recommend this festival to documentary filmmakers and doc enthusiasts.

    May 2019