Private Project


A mantid being attacks a family during the night.

When a deadly alien creature arrives in the middle of the night
for a late night snack, Sarah is greeted with a horrific realization that
either she or her baby will be devoured by a very hungry,
expecting mother. Will her husband, David, get home in time?

  • Krista Michaels
  • Brandy Bryant
  • Krista Michaels
  • Krista Michaels
  • Sam Sisson
    Key Cast
  • Anthony Crawford
    Key Cast
  • Lloyd Kaufman
    Key Cast
    "Wally Preston"
  • Brandy Bryant
    Key Cast
  • Jessica D'Amelio
  • Krista Michaels
  • Krista Michaels
  • Brandy Bryant
    Executive Producer
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Horror
  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 38 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 8, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital 4K
  • Aspect Ratio:
    1.85 : 1
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • HORROR-RAMA International Short Film Festival
    October 2, 2022
    Official Selection
  • Atlanta Horror Film Festival
    United States
    October 15, 2022
    Official Selection
  • Soho Horror Film Festival - Sohome Virtual Program
    United Kingdom
    November 17, 2022
    Official Selection
  • South African Independent Film Festival
    South Africa
    November 21, 2022
    Official Selection / Nomination: The Nicholas Vince Award for Best Horror
  • Rocky Mountain Nightmares International Film Festival
    United States
    May 13, 2023
    Official Selection
Distribution Information
  • Troma NOW!
Director Biography - Krista Michaels

Krista Michaels
Co-Founder and CEO of Retro Raptor, LLC.

Krista Michaels--a transgender filmmaker based in Denver, CO--made her film directorial debut with "One Monday" (2020) after years of being in the entertainment industry—from working in theatre doing sound, set, and poster design to directing behind-the-scenes Blu-ray extras for a horror company.

Krista fell in love with cinema from an early age, as well as the tangible film format as a dual-35mm projectionist and, later, as a film photographer.

She met the star of "One Monday", Brandy Bryant—also her girlfriend—back in southern Virginia where she grew up. Together, the two formed the film production company Retro Raptor, LLC, where various film and TV projects are under way.

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Director Statement

“Having finished my first short film, One Monday, I wanted to explore
my love of ufology while delving into a longer, richer narrative story.
Mantid came to me in a very basic form as I lie awake one night—as I often
do—scaring myself while imagining what just may be lurking within the
shadows near my closet.

For some reason, I always picture waking up to some sort of creature
waiting at the foot of my bed. Whether that may be a grey alien, a shadow
creature, or even a human slasher killer depends on the rotation of my brain’s
attempt to terrify me on any given night.

I had always been fascinated by praying mantises as a child, because they
lived in the billowy bush at the end of our driveway that held our mailbox of
the house that I grew up in. Though creepy, their alluring sense of wisdom
and gracefulness always piqued my curiosity. Such beautiful creatures.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I had begun research on mantid alien
beings. And they quickly became my very favorite species of alien overall. I
couldn’t place a film that treated them as I would have liked to have seen—
wise, powerful, scary, alluring, and clothed in a hooded cloak.

Would it be weird? Absolutely. But this was something that my girlfriend,
Brandy Bryant, and I both desperately wanted to see. And so we began writing
the first draft of a would-be, untitled short film about a mantis-like alien
creatue that attacks a family during the night. We knew that our budget would
be very small, but Brandy wanted to push her limits in terms of special
makeup effects, and we filmed everything in the same small apartment as our
previous short, One Monday. Of course, given a proper budget, there’s much
more that we’d like to do, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished
with our amazing cast and crew!”