A young black boy deals with abuse, trauma, and controversy as he becomes compelled to learn how to play the guitar shortly after hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time.

Issues on mental health, anxiety, racial identity, social acceptance, drugs, sex, and violence are addressed throughout this series set in a fictional inner-city neighborhood in the late-90’s.

  • Robert Anthony Agard
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    Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Robert Anthony Agard

Robert Anthony Agard is a writer, producer, and director most recently known for his short film, Streetside Flower. Born in Long Island, New York, Agard developed his talents as a screenwriter and filmmaker at Brooklyn College Film School. He graduated top of his class with a B.A. degree in film production, and has since been considered a 'true realist' of both style and substance. He attributes his vivid, minimalistic approach of storytelling and filmmaking to his adoration for New York culture.

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Writer Statement

The intention of this project is to convey an absolute sentiment that all artists of all kinds desperately need to know. When you develop a passion for something – any art form of any kind – and commit yourself to it, there are things nobody will tell you...

What they will tell you is that you need to be talented. Others will tell you how hard you need to work; that you need to be dedicated, that you need to be obsessed. They’ll emphasize how important it is to make the right connections and meet the right people. But when you truly fall in love with something, and that thing becomes precious to you, what all artists need to know more than anything is that they need to learn and understand how to fight... how to fight for what you love.

You will be challenged, tested, and opposed from the very beginning. You’ll have to fight against people you don’t know; complete strangers. You’ll have to fight against familiar faces; peers, friends, even members of your own family. You’ll have to do a lot of fighting, but your first and biggest battle will be against yourself.

MALCOLM’S AXE is all about the importance in understanding and overcoming adversity. It is the one key element that is most important to anyone aspiring for anything. You cannot hope or wish or pray for anything. Instead, you have to refuse to be defeated. You have to fight back and not allow anything to get the best of you, no matter what or who it is. My goal for this series is to inspire artists to get the best out of their struggles, instead of letting their struggles get the best of them.