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Lustration - Series 1

Bardolph and Gallus are two protectors of The Between, a realm where the dead go in order to cleanse or lustrate themselves before crossing over to pure happiness. These two protectors are charged with the task of removing new arrivals who “don’t belong” in order to uphold what is good in The Between. But when Malcolm slips through their grasps the fate of the after-life and everyone in it is at risk. Elizabeth Pine is the only person with any chance of saving them. Unfortunately, she is still alive on Earth.

  • Ryan Griffen
    Lustration VR (prototype), Cleverman
  • Ryan Griffen
    Lustration VR (prototype), Cleverman
  • Carolina Sorensen
    Lustration VR (prototype), I'm Wanita
  • Taryne Laffar
    KGB, Our Law
  • Zoe Roellin
    Lead Artists
    Lustration VR (prototype)
  • Lea Peirano
    Lead Artists
    Goodbye Mr Octopus
  • Nathan Anderson
    Executive Producers
    Lustration VR (prototype), Awake: Episode One, Wentworth VR
  • Wolfgang Bylsma
    Executive Producers
    The Deep
  • Kevin Conroy
    Key Cast
    Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: Arkham Night
  • Project Type:
    Virtual Reality
  • Genres:
    Drama, Noir, Fantasy
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 13, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • SXSW 2022
    United States
    March 13, 2022
    World Premiere (Eps 1 and 2)
  • SeriesFest 2022
    United States
    May 6, 2022
    Episode 4 World Premiere
Distribution Information
  • Meta
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: Internet
Director Biography - Ryan Griffen

Ryan is a showrunner best known for his series Cleverman with credits in writing, producing and directing. Ryan has participated in the online component of the Digital Emmy winning Scorched and was a recipient of the AFC (Screen Australia) Producers Initiative Program.

In 2015 Ryan wrote and directed his first short film You Turn that had its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival and received a special mention for his Screenwriting and Directing. The film was later screened in the festival’s Traveling Festival that screened all around Australia.

Ryan worked with Goalpost Pictures on his twelve-part, high concept genre series called Cleverman. Cleverman had its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and later screened at Series Mania in Paris. The show aired on ABC in Australia, Sundance TV and Netflix US and BBC3 in the UK. Ryan produced the first season and wrote and produced series two. He worked in a showrunners capacity by maintaining his vision across all departments but also by consulting with Traditional Aboriginal Elders around the cultural elements in the show.

Cleverman is Ryan’s first venture into TV and the show has already won awards nationally, one being for Best Series at the SPAA Awards and thanks to WETA (Lord of the Rings), Cleverman won Best Hair and Makeup at the ACTAA Awards. Ryan is currently writing two high concept TV genre shows and turning his comic book Lustration into a Virtual Reality experience.

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Director Statement

At its heart, Lustration VR is an edgy Noir story set in a fantasy world and it should be packed with action, drama, emotion and questions about our way of life and who we believe we are.

For as long as I can remember I have loved films and television. The way that they can take you out of reality and put you into a new world is something that has always drawn me in. But the one thing I miss with many modern films and TV shows is the fact that they sometimes miss the magic of film and fight too much for reality; Lustration embraces this idea through both the visual tone and in the storytelling itself. This is a world that can take us anywhere we want, to anytime in history or to any place in this world and beyond. That’s why telling this story in the VR space is so exciting.

I want to make these stories feel real yet heightened at the same time. I want to mix genres and faiths together. I love comic books and the worlds they create and what’s exciting about comics is that they can be so diverse and universal. They are a pure mix of genres and faiths. Imagine mixing Hitchcock’s Rear Window with Batman and adding in religious beliefs from the Bible and the Quran. Once we blend them together I want to place my Aboriginality into that story and tell stories from my culture that is somewhat untold to the rest of the world.

Lustration will allow us to jump from world to world as well as faiths and to show us that all we want is to live a happy life. I want to blur the lines of faith and fiction, propose questions of faith and the meaning of life. I want to blend all the different notions of life after death and how religion dictates what is good and evil.

Just like I did with my TV show CLEVERMAN where I blended traditional Aboriginal lore with modern stories, with LUSTRATION I will blend different faiths and social issues into this new and heightened genre world.