A college student Vivan, while helping his love-at-first-sight girl Keshavi to find her lost earbuds, returns only one and secretly keeps the other one to get close to her.

One fine evening, Kesha is reading a book sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden in college. Vivan enters the garden and sits on a distant bench opposite Kesha. He falls for Kesha like love at first sight. He keeps staring at her ignoring the fact that she is not showing any interest. When it becomes too much, she stands
up and goes away. He gets disappointed. But in a few seconds, she returns to find something near the bench. Vivan tries to go close to her to ask if he can help her find it. She allows him. He asks about the lost thing. She then shows him an empty box of earbuds with 90% charging. They start to find them together. After a few minutes, Vivan finds one of the earbuds and gives it to Kesha. Then she tells him to stop searching for the other one as she will find it in the break but now has some urgent thing to do. As soon as she left saying bye, he opens the other hand with the second earbud and thinks about something getting happy and excited.

In the break session, Vivan is waiting for Kesha at a distance from the garden. As soon as Kesha arrives looking for the earbuds, he hides behind the bench at a distance. Unaware of him, Kesha sits on the bench furiously and calls her best friend Lola. Vivan is hearing the call by plugging the other earbud. Kesha confesses to Lola about her fight with her boyfriend last night and now she is all ready to make a final decision about their breakup. Lola then makes Kesha remember how she decided to accept the proposal from her boyfriend in past. As Kesha believes in signs, she decides to accept the proposal upon missing all the 3 tiny stones she will throw inside a teacup as she is very weak at aiming things. She throws the 3 stones while hiding her eyes with another hand on each throw but all 3 stones drop out of the teacup. Resulting in the acceptance of the
proposal. At present, she again wants to take the decision to break up based on a sign. While looking here and there, she finds a metal pole nearby and gets an idea. She then tells her plan to Lola that if she will hit a single stone out of three stones thrown at the pole, she will break up. And she cuts the call and finds 3 stones to throw. Meanwhile, Vivan is thinking about a plan to do something that will look like she hit the target as he now knows how weak she is in targeting. She then throws the first stone holding her other hand in her eyes as soon as after the throw which gets missed. Vivan is thinking something furiously when he gets an idea about making the sound of stone hitting the pole at perfect timing by hitting a stone on a metal grill. Kesha throws the second stone but misses again. Now Vivan is ready with the stone to make a sound on the third throw
but he falls down accidentally and fails to make a sound and curses himself. But instead, he hears the sound of the actual hitting of the pole from the third throw of stone. He smiles instantly and thanks, god. Kesha then leaves furiously with a serious face as she now needs to do the breakup.

The next day, Vivan is again waiting for Kesha but now much more optimistically. Kesha arrives, looking for the earbud again, and gets a call from Lola. Upon asking, Kesha confesses about feeling lonely and what to do now. Lola suggests looking for another guy as she cannot just sit and waste her time in loneliness. To which Kesha gets an idea again. She tells Lola frustratedly that if a boy will find and give her the other lost
earbud then perhaps, she will be friends with him giving him a chance. As soon as Vivan hears this, he lost his mind and starts dancing around and goes for a short trip to come back to give the other earbud to Kesha. But as soon as he comes before Kesha, he finds out that he also lost the earbud while dancing.

While Kesha asks him about something, he doesn’t respond. He is frozen now. He instantly turns back cursing himself by extending his hand asking why this happened god and just then the other earbud slips from the tree branch above on his hand which brings a smile to his face. He says Hello to Kesha after giving her the second earbud. Kesha accepts the hello and introduces herself and asks him to have a cup of tea with
her. They sit on the bench together with teacups with a bit of discomfort. she offers him the other earbud to listen to her favorite song which Vivan obeys. They cheer with cups and the song starts playing ‘Sapno me jeelu zara…’ and they start to have a long-lasting conversation with sips of tea.

  • Sagar Ramanna Mashalkar
  • Sagar Ramanna Mashalkar
  • Shifa Tajoddin Shaikh
  • Kartik Vishwamitre
    Key Cast
  • Manijot Kaur
    Key Cast
  • Hanee Wararkar
    Key Cast
  • Aryan Patole
  • Sagar Mashalkar
  • Aryan Patole
  • Simran Nikam
  • Navneet Tiwari
    Music Composer
  • Arjun Katuwal
    Music Composer
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    13 minutes 21 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 28, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
  • National Student's Film Festival 2023
    March 18, 2023
    Best Music Award for Short Film
Director Biography - Sagar Ramanna Mashalkar

Sagar Mashalkar was born in Ambarnath, Mumbai on 3rd December 1996.
After doing a diploma and engineering in Mechanical Engineering with a side-by-side temptation of working in theatre and cinema, he worked as a play writer and director for some one-act plays in the Marathi Language mainly. He is currently studying direction and producing for EDM from SRFTI, Kolkata. He is making his debut as a director with this short film.
Lovebuds(2023) is his first short film which is in Hindi Language.

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Director Statement

I'm just starting out. I will surely like to make more and more entertaining films/short films/shows. Lovebuds was my first attempt to make something romantic as a director. Hope you will like it.