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Lord of the Flies (2020)

A plane crashes on a desert island, and the only survivors, a group of school boys, must wait to be rescued. As their delicate sense of order fades, so are their childish dreams transformed into something more primitive, and their behaviour starts to take on a murderous, savage significance.

  • Millie Hine
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    Action, Adventure, Post Apocalyptic, Political, Horror
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Millie Hine

Millie Hine is a 15 year old screenwriter and director from Lancashire, England. She has been making short films since she was 12, and is currently working on honing her screenwriting capabilities. Millie's first ever screenplay won first place in the first film festival she entered (Reel Girls Film Festival 2021 - Best in Category). She hopes to develop her skills and pursue her passion to its full potential in the future.

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Writer Statement

I've been studying Lord of the Flies for my GCSE in English Literature. With the past two versions of the film either being outdated or inaccurate, I couldn't help but imagine bringing the characters to life myself. There's so much to look into with the allegorical core of the novel, but it would be an understatement (and a disservice) to say that it was just a political message over a 225-page-long span. The characters are key, the story is special and the themes are unique. Whilst each feature of the story is a pawn in Lord of the Flies message to modern day society, they are also full of life that can be best explored through film.