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Last One Standing

A mysterious cannibalistic organization begins to attract the attention of Detective Lucas Daniels, a widowed father, investigates a series of child kidnappings and begins to uncover connections to similar disappearances in other cities. Just as he believes he's closing in on the truth, his own daughter, Charlotte, goes missing. The Police Commissioner, entangled in the cult, removes Lucas from the case, appointing his ex-girlfriend Alyssa, to lead the investigation. Forbidden to collaborate with Lucas, his desperate need to save his daughter resonates with her, and she agrees to work with him anyway. Meanwhile, we follow the story of the kidnapped teenager Hailey, and the captive cult member Bhavan, who is chosen to become the next cult leader. The clock is ticking, and they are all running out of time before the sacrifices begin.

  • Jeff Rosenburg
  • Brianna Coyle
  • Project Type:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer - Jeff Rosenburg