La piedra en el camino

The stone on the path is a documentary that involved the convergence of two proposals. Name the task of the third group of artists gathered to inquire about the feminine, taking as a trigger the question: What is a woman? within the framework of the Reencarnaciones artistic experimentation device and the Centro y Ausencia project directed by Gabriela Nafissi. It is, in addition to the meeting of sculptors called by Fernando Rosas, who together with Juan del Balso, Daniel Ciancio, Julio Melto, Flavia Robalo and Verónica Fonzo, (Argentine sculptors who live in Pietrasanta, Italy) using marble as a support, worked for nine days at Bodega Monteviejo, until the works.
What is the stone that was already there, that is experienced as an obstacle despite having no meaning, that manifests itself in that repetition on the path of words and desire? A stone and a path are presented in a double allegory: the path that an analysand travels until the end of his analysis; where the analyst acts as stone. On the other hand, the one performed by the sculptor in the act of sculpting, who, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, operates by via di levare, that is, by reducing the stone, of everything that covers the forms that were already contained in it. .
Isn't the stone a way in which the feminine is presented, that is, the impossible to say? Not in the way of the speaking being. Without a path the stone does not appear, without a stone the traveler would not know which path is. Thus six walkers-sculptors made their way, each one with his stone to discover a precious and unique object.

  • Gabriela Nafissi
  • Gabriela Nafissi
  • Bodega Monteviejo
    Reencarnaciones, experimentación artística
  • Fernando Rosas
    Key Cast
  • Flavia Robalo
    Key Cast
  • Verónica Fonzo
    Key Cast
  • Juan Del Balso
    Key Cast
  • Daniel Ciancio
    Key Cast
  • Julio Melto
    Key Cast
  • Ariel Larriba Films
    Audiovidual Production
  • Victor Silione
    Música original
    Estudio Reloj de Arena
  • Ariel Larriba
    Photography Direction
  • Laura Silberberg
    Graphic Design
  • Estudio Acevedo Neme
    Graphic Design
  • Eliana Pagano
  • Sol Delgado
    Audiodescription y subtitles. Topo.s Productora
  • Nicolás Evangelista
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    La piedra en el camino
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    52 minutes 46 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Mp4/ H264
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Plus más Arte en Vendimia. Estreno por canal de youtube Arte y Cultura. Bodega Monteviejo
  • Tabriz Cinema Awards
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Best Documentary and Best Production
  • Tokyo International Short Film Festival
    Best Female Director. October 2022
  • Art Stream
    Best documentary. August, 2022
  • London International Monthly Festival
    United Kingdom
    Best documentary, 2022
  • Black Swan International Film Festival

    Best documentary, January, 2022
  • Film Fest International Film

    Best short Documentary, noviembre (2021)
  • Niagara Falls International Short Festival
    New York
    United States
    Best short documentary, noviembre (2021)
  • Vancouver Independent Film Festival
    British Columbia
    Best International Short Documentary
  • Hollywood Golden Age Festival
    New York
    United States
    Best International Short Documentary, noviembre (2021)
  • Venus Community Awards
    Main Category
  • Close Film Festival
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
    Best Production
Director Biography - Gabriela Nafissi

Creator of “Reincarnations. Artistic Experimentation”, an arts project launched in 2008, and of Plus+Art, a day-long multi-arts event presented yearly since 2013, recipient of the Art and Culture Gold Award “Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism” in 2017. Nafissi’s arts events have been presented at Balcón de Las Artes of Park Hyatt Mendoza (2018-2019). She is part of the group of organizers of Wine Rock, a rock concert held yearly at Bodega Monteviejo, recipient of the Art and Culture Gold Award “Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism” in the Art and Culture category in 2014. She is also one of the organizers of Week of Rock, which earned the 2018 Best of Global Award in the category Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences.
Gabriela Nafissi has developed and manages cultural projects based on artistic experimentation devices that articulate various art fields and languages, whereby she explores and develops her interest in the areas of convergence of the arts and psychoanalysis. She was the director and screenwriter for the short film “Elephant Escabeaux” (winner of the Best Experimental Movie in International Cinema, Venezia, 2017, and Best Female Direction, Best Animation Feature Film at the Arte Non Stop Film Festival, 2017). She was also director and screenwriter for Signs of an Artist (Gold Prize, Best Experimental Short Film, International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia, Jakarta, 2016. She co-directed the experimental short film Rewritings (2013, in the amateur category), together with Ramiro Navarro. In 2018 she was named Distinguished Woman of the City of Mendoza by Salón Cultural Seguros Rivadavia y Seguros Rivadavia Coop. Ltda., in recognition of her remarkable career and contribution to society (2018).
Nafissi is the author of Reincarnations. Audiovisual short stories (2012), and of the artistic experimentation projects: Signs of an Artist (2014-2015), Extimacies of Daily Life (2015-2016), Four Elephants on their Stepladders (2015-2018), Center and Absence (2016-2019), including “Dark, Dark Continent”, “Women, One By One”, and “The Stone on the Path”. Tarabust. Voiceless and Sonorous (2017-2018). Curating. Creations and Interventions (2018-2019). V27dr A Poetic Mathema for the Artistic Cause (2019-2020).
Gabriela Nafissi has curated photograph exhibits, including “Terrors Inhabiting Me,” by Marcelo Pelleriti (2015), “Dos miradas en los bordes de una obra,” by Laura Limp and Adriana Lui (2016), Portraits of Wine Rock (2017), and “Eroticas of the Femenine,” by Celeste Urreaga (2016-2018), Four Elephant on their Stepladders (2018), “Kuu to Hazama”. Empty Space” (four artists, four photo essays) (2018-2019).
She worked as Director of Art & Culture at Monteviejo Winery ( 2015- 2023).

Gabriela Nafissi is Licenciada in Psychology from Universidad del Aconcagua. Member of Acep (Asociación Cuyana de Estudios Psicoanalíticos de Cuyo). She presently attends the Specialization in Production of Critical Texts and Media Dissemination of the Arts (UNA). She participates in a literature workshop taught by Laura Galarza. She successfully completed The New York Film Academy´s 1 Week Filmmaking at New York Film Academy (2020).

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