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Land of the Young: Fall of the Emerald City

Land of The Young is an adventure tale steeped in the legends of Irish mythology. A long hidden civilisation in the Land of Tir Na Nog off the coast of Ireland is about to face the return of an ancient enemy, the Fomorians. Although mighty and strong, the attack is swift and unexpected leading to the fall of the great city they call home.
The only one that can help the scattered warriors is a young man, Miles who has just started college and who always had an interest in myths and fairytales. Little does he know that an Irish Dagda had cast aside the spirit of Cuchulainn, son of Tir Na Nog's mightiest warrior, Lug. The spirit resides in Miles, and Lug and his comrades must find him before the Fomorians do and convince him of his destiny, that he is Cuchulainn and that he can rid the world of the Fomorians!

The first part of an epic trilogy.

  • David Whelan
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    Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure
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Writer - David Whelan