For most of us as Black People it has not been easy. Known as the forgiving people, the people that love our families, has not changed our conditions of being seen no more than a people out of place and not really belonging here in this country. We have been shuttled to buildings so high up we are unable to supervise our children, leaving them to raise themselves. The women have not been allowed to live with the fathers of their child and fear that the aid they are receiving will be stopped. Fathers are not allowed to live in the homes with their children causing them to begin families in other places, leaving the ones they already have fatherless. We have forgotten how to talk to each other leading to anger and arguements that lead to violence and death. Our children are in constant danger,Just walking out onto an unfamiliar block. Drugs & alcohol have become the stress relievers, and hope has been replaced with hopelessness. The mothers having to work 2 and 3 jobs keep our children unsupervised,taking away their innocence as they raise themselves.We have been told love can fix everything, but for us "LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH"

  • Valerie Ann Goodloe
    Gang Girl "A Mother's Journey To Save Her Daughter
  • Valerie Ann Goodloe
    Gang Girl "A Mother's Journey To Save Her daughter
  • LeMonde Hakim Goodloe
    Gang Girl "A Mother's Journey To Save Her Daughter
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 22 minutes 29 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 23, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    100,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Panasonic DVX 200
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • none
Director Biography - Valerie Ann Goodloe

Valerie Goodloe joined the United States Army Reserves. She was trained as a Behavioral Science Specialist, Specializing in Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Dynamics, and continued her training and became a Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. Goodloe also opened a Home for Recovering Alcoholics women called the STEPPING STONE RECOVERY HOME. She has been a part of many non-profit endeavors, to include coordinating Bone Marrow Drives with the National Marrow Donor Program and the American Red Cross in the Untied States Postal Services all over Los Angeles County.

Photojournalist Valerie Goodloe was commissioned by the City of Los Angeles for a photo exhibit of African American leaders, “From Darkness Rise,” and was the first photographer to have a solo show at The California African American Museum. For two consecutive years, while working at the Los Angeles Sentinel, she won “Best Front Page News Picture.” She was the official photographer for “Save Africa’s Children, founded by Bishop Charles E. Blake, the Worldwide Bishop of The Church of God In Christ. Valerie has become Bishop Blake’s personal photographer. Known as the Photographer of the Stars has shot on Sets of Major Black shows on BET and other national networks. She was still photographer on set for the film Phat Girlz Starring Mo’nique, set photographer for Jecaryous Johnson on his productions as well. She was the first & only Female Black Photographer at Johnson Publishing, Jet & Ebony Magazine and traveled the world with both president Clinton 2007 and in 2008; Valerie followed the campaign trail nationally and internationally as a part of the Traveling Press Corps with then Senator Barrack Obama.
She has had several photo exhibits, to include Her work in Africa, as well as a Motown Exhibit for the City of Los Angeles
Trusted by political and organizations alike, as “the go to photographer” to get the job done. Goodloe has been the personal photographer for notable such as Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Tichina Arnold, Monique, Glynn Turman, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and many more. She is known as “The Quiet Photographer Behind The Lens.”

A Southern California native, Valerie directed and produced Gang Girl “A Mother’s Journey to Save Her Daughter” who was in The Notorious Blood Gang, which was nominated for Best Director, and received Best Documentary Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival 2011. The documentary won the Audience Award at the Pan African Film Festival in 2011. She is now traveling the country sharing her experience as a photojournalist, filmmaker, and mother to a daughter who was a gang member, but who is now turning her life around as a result of the film that follows her gang culture affiliation. Valerie’s latest venture is her new film Before Your Time “An Unprepared Journey” Dissecting Gung and Gang violence, Grief and trauma.
She and her husband Lemonade Goodloe created a non-profit organization, in 1998 called ISRA that served women & men incarcerated. The focus of the organization changed in 2008 to W.I.N.D.O.W. “Women In Need of Discovering Own Worth” in the hope of helping to change the lives of girls & women at risk.
Goodloe has spent many hours developing programs that are geared towards women & girls.
The thought is that “you save a woman or a girl you save a nation.”
Valerie and her husband Lemonde have relocated to Chicago, and started the Black On Black Love Community Garden, and were voted in as Block Club President by her Auburn Gresham community,
Goodloe is also a filmmaker having her first film Gang Girl “A Mother’s Journey To Save Her Daughter” Win Best Feature Length Documentary at the San Diego and was nominated as best Director at International Film Festival 2011, Also that same film won the Audience Award at the Pan African Film Festival in 2011 as well.
The film has been all over the country as a teaching tool of the Juvenile Justice System, in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, where she currently resides. Her latest venture is a docu-series Before Your Time “An Unprepared Journey” An in depth study of families that lose their children to Gun & Gang Violence.
She is the Director, and primary Videographer as well as Still Photographer and is now in Post-Production. Estimated time of completion, 2023.

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Director Statement

Before Your Time “An Unprepared Journey” is a film that is apart of my Journey beginning with my first film Gang Girl “A Mother’s Journey To Save Her Daughter”.
Having a daughter in a Gang kept me up many nights waiting on that 3:00 am call, letting me know from all kind of different sources; A visit from the Police, a call from the hospital, or friends of my daughter letting me know that she had been murdered as a direct result of Gun and or Violence.
But my bigger fear though was that she had taken the life of some other mother’s son or daughter, leaving that parent, without their child; forever grieving, forever angry, forever with out the ability to follow that course that parent has set up for that child. Preparing for that first Prom, getting ready for their graduation from high school and college, advising them on a career and ultimately marriage and those grandchildren that will continue the family name, will never come.
This film, that spans over 5 years will be a tribute to all of those parents that has a child that was murdered by the selfish act of another mother’s son or daughter.
Filming and through many interviews to include parents, siblings, professionals, community, uncovers, why grief and trauma may never end unless we come together with real solutions that are based on all of the elements that causes this violence.
There are many great ideas and actions that are taking place to end and even slow down the acts of violence that has become commonplace in our communities all across America. With all that we have to offer in ideas and programming, the violence and deaths are not slowing down, the murders are at an all time high. Something is missing, I hope that Before Your Time “An Unprepared Journey” will help plug in those missing pieces.
This is to be a docu-series; because of all the complexities of the violence that is plaguing the Black Community there has to be a way of uncovering the reasons why a child as young as 10 years old are committing murders, and violent crimes, with seemingly no emotion or remorse and why parents never receive that closure that is needed for that family to move forward. This could not be down in a 2-hour film.
We will have a clearer picture of what our parents experience, how the violence affects, the community, how our children are experiencing everyday trauma, walking through and living in war zones, living hopeless, instead of hope, fear instead of feeling safe and secure.
The people in the film that were all interviewed all talk about the importance of family in regards to the violence. There will be many revelations that we believe this series will show.
This series like the film Gang Girl “A Mother’s Journey To Save Her Daughter is a real look into the lives of people that have gone through their own journey, that seems never ending. The loss of someone’s child murdered by the hands of another is the center point of this documentary. Surrounded by interviews that hopefully can be benefit all those who view this journey.
This not being a narrative film where I have control of the being middle and ending that would leaving the audience the way I want to leave them, this series has taken it’s own life. My job is to follow the road that I am led down that is told by the subjects of this documentary. This is last Episode the docu-series, Before Your Time "An Unprepared Journey" but is a stand alone piece.
Love is Not Enough