Kwatha Pham Kaaba (The Great Kwatha Accession)

Documenting an event of accession of a headman in a secluded village called Kwatha, situated in the far southern part of the Indian state, Manipur, bordering Myanmar.

Kwatha, a small hamlet still preserves the culture and rites against the changes of modern times. Kwatha is run by 12 headmen with a village chief on top of the hierarchy. Its population does not even exceed 500 people yet they seem to lead a structured society with a complex administration in the division of labour. Their rituals and customs are unique and not found elsewhere. When a village headman is deceased or indisposed, the accession of a new headmen is celebrated as a huge festival in Kwatha.

It depicts a unique culture that has been flourishing for a long time in the margins of India. This village is a modern-day example of a civilization that has meticulously preserved their tradition and customs against the currents of changing times. During the event of this accession, there are many ceremonies performed which we do not find or see anywhere in the world.

  • Khaba Maimom
  • Khaba Maimom
  • Hangkok Manipur
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Television
  • Genres:
    Culture, Indegenous, Festival
  • Runtime:
    43 minutes 25 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 30, 2023
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Khaba Maimom

Khaba Maimom is an independent filmmaker from Northeast India with a special interest in capturing the truthful human experience and unique cultures that are bound to change with time. He makes short impact videos, advertisements, creative videos and narrates visual stories of the talented youth from several work fields. Born and raised in Imphal, Manipur, he has had a passion for filmmaking from an early age and was always fascinated by the workings of a camera.

Outside of his work as an aspiring filmmaker, Khaba is a staunch enthusiast of extreme sports with a desire to shed light on the important issues in the extreme sports world. Despite lacking formal training, he taught himself the intricate craft through curiosity and sheer love for cinema. Dedicated to build a cinematic portfolio, he has many projects currently under works. "The Great Kwatha Accession" is his debut major work.

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Director Statement

At a time when it is hard to even spare a minute to search for a missing sock, the question I ask myself is if we really have the time to waste our lives by bending to conventional means and societal pressures. So, I turn my imagination into motion picture so that I don't dream alone. I believe in capturing the truth. And the truth is that change is constant. I try to archive the human experience for the future to witness.