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Synopsis – Just Different

There are people we call “bizarre”... Their intelligence is normal or above average. They are educated, maybe married or have children. But, they are ghosts in social life. The life passes by around them; they watch, and they are unable to participate in life. Fikret, the main character of our story, is a person like this. Just Different is the story of an “abnormal” father and a ten years old “normal” son.

It is hard to comprehend the situation of people with high function autism from the outside. While their intellectual intelligence grows in their ordinary course throughout their lives, their emotional intelligence does not develop. They can’t make any friends since they cannot empathise. They suffer; since they’re doomed. They are “invisible” individuals in social life. They are in our environment, even in our family, but we don’t notice them. Most of them are never diagnosed in their lives. Since the disease doesn’t seem a medical condition. The society is digesting them in and destroying them by labelling them. Society forces them to be invisible.

Fikret is in his early 40s. His memorisation is very strong, and he is extraordinarily well-organised. He is a space engineer but works as a clerk in a library. He is married and a father of a 10 years old son. He has a “routine” life literally. He wears the same clothes every day. He gets his son to school and his wife to work. He goes to the library using the same path every day. He eats the sandwiches he brings from home at lunch. In the evening he takes his son from school and his wife from work. He makes the model of the spaceship until the dinner is ready. He eats the same menu at each meal. He watches Star Wars with his son every evening. He always goes to bed at the same time.

While the life flows in routine and smoothly for Fikret, the lightning break out in the life of his wife, Ayşe. Bored with this routine, Ayşe gets closer to a man in the work.

Kerem is proud of the intimate knowledge of his father, who graduated from the Department of Space Sciences. He asks help from him for the project which he will prepare with his friends. They decide to make a model of the solar system. Fikret counts Pluto while telling the planets to Kerem and his friends. The children object that. Pluto is not a planet… Fikret insists on and said “No, it’s a planet, too. Just different…” One of the children, who fear that their grades will be decreased if they include Pluto in the system, removes Pluto from the model at the last minute and throws it away. Kerem is upset, he couldn’t achieve, the Pluto is not protected.

There are also traumatic events on the family side in the same days. Ayşe, who gets busted by the son of the man from work, leaves the house. Since that day, the father’s life will never be the same again.

Fikret, whose routine has deteriorated due to the absence of Ayşe, changes. He acts like a grumpy kid. He becomes peevish and aggressive. He has been unable to do what he alone does. Kerem is astonished. Even though he knows that his father is different from other fathers; he can’t understand why he acts like this. There are crushing events between the father and the child; until Kerem tries to empathise with his father. However, the men on the street don’t have the intent on understanding them. To protect his father, Kerem enters into an unexpected, challenging fight inside and outside of the home.

While things are starting to get in their way, they are close to getting their routine back, Ayşe stands against them. She filed a lawsuit for a divorce. The judge awards the custody of Kerem to his mother. Fikret becomes alone for the first time in his life. This is an unknown situation for him, and he is shocked.

Kerem escapes from his mother’s home and goes to his father first night. Ayşe says that “You will be sorry and you will call me and want me to take you back.” Kerem says “Never”. He makes an extraordinary effort not to lose his father. However, a different problem erupts in each new situation. On the morning of the night when they have to stay on the street in the rain, Kerem gets sick. Fikret doesn’t know what to do. He can’t help his son. Then he makes the first decision of his life. He gives up his son to protect him. This is the first decision he can make on his own in his entire life. And it is a huge decision for him.

While Kerem says goodbye to his father, he gives a model of Pluto which he has hidden until that day and says “She is a planet too, just different.” While Kerem goes with his mother, Fikret completes the space ship model he has been making for a long time. Now, he is ready to sail away…

  • Ahmet sönmez
  • Ahmet sönmez
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    2 hours 6 minutes
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    May 1, 2019
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    750,000 USD
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Director Biography - Ahmet sönmez


Born in Ağrı in 1974.
Graduated from Moscow State Movie Institute in 1999 (VGIK).
Sönmez, who has been working as director and scriptwriter in many movies and soap operas in Turkey since 2003, established 24 Kare Film Production in 2011 and Movie Time Production Companies in 2015 and carried out many important projects.
In 2013, he worked as a jury in 50th Antalya International Film Festival.

Projects that he directed
Elveda Katya (Farewell Katya) - 2012 (Movie) come to the theaters in many countries such as Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Ukraine.
Awards: International Antalia Film Festival (Best Movie, Best Woman Actress, Best Soundtrack)
International New York Euroasian Film Festival ( Best Director, Best Male Actor),
International Frankfurt Film Festival (Best Scenario)

Rehber (Guide)- Hz. Mevlana : 2015 (Telefilm)

TRİLEÇE : 2018 (Movie)

SADECE FARKLI (Just Different): 2019 (Movie)

Elveda Katya (Farewell Katya) (Movie), Sadece Farklı (Just Different) (Movie), Aklın Başına Gelsin (Get your head straight) (Soap Opera),Vali (the Governor)(Telefilm) Ey oğul (Hey son) (Telefilm), Abdu (Telefilm), Bir Kız Sevdim (I Loved a Girl) (Telefilm), Ev Ödevi (Homework) (Telefilm), Üç Makbul Dua (Three Good Prays) (Telefilm) Sadaka (Aimsgiving) (Telefilm), Hasret (Yearning) (Telefilm),Ana Kuzusu (Mother’s Boy) (telefilm) Kendine Bir Şans Ver (Give yourself a luck) (Telefilm)

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Director Statement


I’m sure that you have experienced life about which you said just “shame”. You have encountered situations that you think there is nothing to be done. This film has been imagined that says that there is something to do even in such desperate situations.

Just Different is a story of a father and son. A story in which the father has to be child, the child has to be father; and a story which tries to define love beyond the ordinary.

Our main character, Fikret, is a strange person. He has work, education, family, home, car but a man who is always condemned to remain "strange" for in his social life. It is possible for him to continue his life within the life that his father in the past and his wife have set up for him in the past in spite of all of his strangeness. But, what if that routine breaks up due to anything...

Just Different is the story of a father who doesn’t even know what’s wrong with him and his son struggling to keep his father in life since he doesn’t know what is wrong. I want to make this film since I believe that his son make everything that no one will make for that father. And I want to share this possibility.

When we look at broader perspective, this film is related to “being alternate” in the every field of life. It aims to make the difference of the pain of alienation even in the family which is the smallest component of the society. While the problem hasn’t been solved yet in the family, how we treat the alienation throughout the world, intolerance and the mentality that doesn’t give the other the right to live the other since it is not like the other…

High-functioning autism is a very common disease or condition although it is known a little in the world. Because of their normal wit, their problematic behavior is confused with sassiness, cynicism, or behavioral disorder, and it is difficult for stubborn, high-function autistic people who are accused of doing everything. While their intellectual intelligence grows, their emotional intelligence is not growing. They can’t socialize because they are not able to make empathy. They suffer because they are doomed with loneliness. They live like ghosts in the social life. We touch them, but we don’t notice them. Even if we live in the same house and share the same bed…
Maybe a child may do all of these which we cannot do for his father, with the hope that he can succeed with his father…

Ahmet Sönmez