Aashish Jain: Well Known Musician From Dondaicha
Itsashmusic (Aashish Jain) is a multi-talented artist, who is popular for his Music YouTube channel name is "Itsashmusic" and social media presence. Aashish started his solo singing career with Bhajans and BTown Songs.
His father’s name is Mr. Rajendra Kumar Jain and his mother’s name is Mrs. Tara Devi Jain. His sister’s name is Siddhi Chirag Jain. Coming from a middle-class family, today he achieved many milestones of success, which is very inspirational for others who aspire to become singers or music producers.
He has been involved in Music related activities since his School days.
As a passion, never misses a chance to sing everywhere he wants to!!
Loves to take his music throughout the world.
Aashish Jain is a self-taught singer and music producer. Aashish is known for his very popular Song 'Dil Meri Na Sune' which gained him more than lakh Listners over all major streaming platforms. He has done over 10 live performances to date.
Itsashmusic is an Indian singer, musician, songwriter, composer, and actor born in Hyderabad, India
Aashish Jain states that by concentrating on a single source of income and focusing on your talents in your youth, you may have money in plenty and never be in a position where you struggle to eat or to have money.
Generally, people start pursuing their talents in adolescence, but not Aashish. He first picked up singing as an 4th grader when he was asked to sing at school functions. His family supported him even though they didn’t know much about music.
Itsashmusic (Aashish Jain )is a YouTuber, Singer - Songwriter, Musician, and. He started his career as a Stock market trader at the age of 17 and became famous as a teenager.
Aashish is also known for his other work on YouTube and Instagram such as his collaborations with other singers and musicians. One of his collaborations was with Srinidhi as well as Veronica which gained him a good audience.
He was born on 02th March 2001 in Hyderabad to Rajendrakumar Jain and Taradevi Jain.
Carrer -
Itsashmusic is an Indian YouTuber who is famous for his Music . He has more than 5000 subscribers on YouTube, over 25000+ monthly listeners over Jiosaavn , Spotify , Amazon Music, Apple Music and much more.
Aashish , A village - Town boy with his own dreams made him more popular for Creative collaborations with new artists. Being only the single Artist from his town as well as districts having his music all over the major streaming platforms.
Aashish started investing in stocks since he completed his schooling in year 2017.
Aashish also runs a YouTube channel called "Itsashmusic" where he does upload vlogs and his Music Video.
Music -
Itsashmusic is also an Indian Singer-Songwriter . He is best known for singing Jain Folk Bhajans and B-Town Music.
In the music scene, he has been a part of many bands as a drummer , pianist, guitarist or lead singer from his childhood days to now.
A cute and helpful nature is what we all need.
How can we not be happy when there are so many beautiful things in the world to enjoy.
He always instated about his dreams and the only tagline he always used " Desde DDE Para El Mundo"
which means Taking his music from DDE (Dondaicha) to the World.
P.B Bagal College of Commerce
High School
Hasti Public School, Dondaicha
Birth Date
March 2, 2001
Birth City
Current City
Zodiac Sign
"Desdé DDE Para El Mundo Taking his music throughout the World.”
Aashish Jain: Well Known Musician From Dondaicha