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"IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE" A Coffee Documentary

Turkish showman, actor, and director and producer of stage & music videos Okan Bayülgen portrays a character who loses his sense of reality in the dazzling world of coffee, for which he has an almost obsessive affection. At the height of this obsession, he flits between states of sleep and wakefulness, finding himself in a world where time flows differently.
On this mysterious journey, Bayülgen is accompanied by guests like the internationally known historian and writer Emrah Safa Gürkan, Ph.D., writer Ahmet Ümit, musician VEYasin, educator-consultant Osman Serim, food and culture writer Sahrap Soysal, musician Tuncer Tunceli, perfumer and writer Vedat Ozan, and actor Özlem Öçalmaz.
The screenplay of the docudrama was written by Bayülgen and Selin Atasoy, who is known for screenwriting crime-mystery TV shows, theater plays and stories. The extraordinary and dynamic story covers the various types of coffee and brewing methods, and explores coffee’s place in history, literature, music, architecture, technology, medicine, and business life.
While discovering the deep bond he has with coffee, Bayülgen navigates the audience through surprisingly yet skillfully intertwined stories and tells the human-coffee-machine relationship in a realistic and entertaining way.
Released to wide acclaim by both the Turkish media and audience, In the Blink of an Eye – A Coffee Documentary was filmed with the support of Arçelik, a Turkish white goods and technology company that created Telve, the world’s very first Turkish Coffee machine.

  • Cem Adıyaman
    Ruhun Doysun Keşfet, Ruhun Doysun Gıdaya Saygı, Ntv Bumper IDS, Garanti Bankası #dahafazlası
  • Selin Atasoy
  • Okan Bayülgen
  • Güneş Zahid
  • Selin Atasoy
  • Okan Bayülgen
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    “Göz Açıp Kapayıncaya Kadar” Bir Kahve Belgeseli
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    1 hour 8 minutes 27 seconds
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Director Biography - Cem Adıyaman

Cem Adiyaman is a Turkish Director / Designer / Composer and founding partner of Istanbul based creative production house GoGo Project. He was born in Ankara in 1981. After getting his undergraduate BS Civil Engineering degree at METU he moved to New York to complete his master’s degree in Designer as Author program at the School of Visual Arts.

Working as a freelance motion graphics designer and director in New York he freelanced with leading Motion Graphics companies as well as TV Channels with the likes of Mtv and CBS.

After moving back to Turkey he became the founding partner of GoGo Project and directed many commercial videos for global brands like HP, Grundig, Bayer, Fiat, MediaMarkt, Samsung, Carrefour, Turkcell, Nike as well as music videos. In 2017 GoGo Project openned its London office and he acted as an executive producer for international projects with brands like Martini, Delta Airlines, Expedia, Mastercard, PepsiCo.

His background in music makes the rhythmic aspect of his storytelling powerful and with his naïve look on the world he adds an emotional yet mostly witty touch to his films.

He rides a Yamaha SR400 motorcycle and he splits his time between Istanbul and London together with is wife and daughter.

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