SNAKE ROAD - Mon Nov 7, 7pm, Staircase Theatre

Price $10.00

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66m, Documentary
Dave Conlon

Mon Nov 7th, 7pm
Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N, Hamilton

From his upbringing as a young boy in Quebec, Bob Lanois had music in his life from the very beginning.

Working on projects with everyone from Emmylou Harris to U2, The Tragically Hip and so many more, Bob Lanois always became a major part of the family of any given project that he was involved in.

In Southern Ontario Canada, near the Niagara Escarpment is one of the most scenic roads in the area, Snake Road.

It was here, along Snake Road that Bob Lanois planted his roots in 1988. With his own hands and inventiveness, Bob designed and built his own cabin, “The Shack” as he called it.

Bob Lanois’ extraordinary life is told through stories, photos and video footage and interviews by some of Bob's closest friends and collaborators.

- Alan Cross
- Daniel Lanois
- Edgar Breau of Simply Saucer
- Bob Doidge of Grant Avenue Studio
- Paul Langlois of The Tragically Hip
- Rachel Heart
- Tom Wilson
- John-Angus MacDonald & Jack Syperek of The Trews
- Glen Marshall
- And a musical tribute from Sweden by Stephen Sahlin of Big Is Less

Starting with the creation of Master Sound Recordings with his brother Daniel in the basement of their mothers home, to the legendary Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton and then The Bunker and Mule Spinner at Hamilton’s Cotton Factory and his very own Shack Studio, Bob Lanois: Snake Road tells the story of a life well lived, by a man who was loved by so many.

In the Fall of 2021, Dave Conlon: Canadian Photographer, Film Maker and owner of the website learned of a vacant cabin in the woods near Burlington, Ontario.

Upon learning that this cabin was owned and formerly lived in by Canadian artist, musician and sound engineer Bob Lanois, Dave decided to dig in and produce his first ever feature documentary film and to tell the story of Bob Lanois.

L.O.F.T. SHORTS - Mon Nov 7, 9pm - Staircase Theatre

Price $10.00

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L.O.F.T. SHORTS, 105m
(Ladies of Film and Television)

Monday November 7th, 9pm, Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N, Hamilton

No Girls Allowed, 16m, Canada, Courtney Deelen

Punchdrunk, 5m, Canada, Dir. Edie Bruins, Wr. Sacha Tseronis

Desmond's Not Here Anymore, 16m, USA, Dir. Mmabatho Montsho,
Wr. Lindiwe Suttle Müller-Westernhagen

Beautiful Disaster, 7m, Documentary, Canada, Cher Obediah

An Island Drifts, 18m, Singapore, Vivian Ip

The Hidden Disability, 13m, Documentary, Canada, Cher Obediah

Grandmothers, 14m, Documentary, Canada, Millefiore Clarkes

When She Was Good, 20m, UK, Margarita Milne

DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE - Animated Shorts & Galaxy Warriors

Price $26.00

Event Date Nov 8, 2022 7:00 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Drive In Double Feature!
Starlite DriveIn, 59 Green Mountain Rd, Stoney Creek, On
$26 per carload and gets you into both films so you can stay parked!

Animated Shorts 7pm, Galaxy Warriors 9pm
Times may vary slightly at the DriveIn so arrive at 7, get your snacks and settle in!
This is our 4th time doing the November screening at the Starlite.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS - Wed Nov 9 - Staircase Theatre

Price $10.00

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Montréal Girls, 93m, Coming of Age Drama
Arabic, English, French, Dir/Wr. Patricia Chica,

Montreal Girls tells the story of Ramy, a young Middle Eastern poet who is off to Montreal to study medicine. There he meets his wild cousin Tamer who introduces him to the city's vibrant underground subcultures and thrilling nightlife. This exciting new world inspires Ramy’s innate desire to dedicate himself to poetry and hurls him into a tumultuous relationship with two young women who shatter his perceptions and reveal to him his destiny.

Produced by Objectif 9 (Bahija Essoussi and Samuel Gagnon)

TRADER - Thur Nov 10, 7pm, Staircase Theatre

Price $10.00

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TRADER. 84m, Thriller, Canada
Dir / Wr. Corey Stanton
When a manipulative sociopath discovers her passion for stock market trading, she sets out to conquer the financial world, all from the confines of her basement apartment.

DRAMA SHORTS - Thur Nov 10, 9:30pm - Staircase

Price $10.00

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Thursday November 10th, 9:30pm, $10
Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N, Hamilton

Long Road to Freedom, 5min, Canada, Cameron Walker

Ruby, 11m, Canada, Momo Daud

Sarah, 10m, Canada, Peter Riddihough

Generations Under Sail, 12m, Canada, Adam Benish

Jelly, 14m, Canada, March Mercanti

Monico Perseus, 7m, UK, Alfie Stewart

3 Seconds In, 6 Seconds Out, 17m, Canada, Christopher Beaulieu

The Middle, 10m, Canada, Dir. Hanna Jovin, Adrian Morphy

Him & Her, 20m, USA, Dir / Wr. Simonee Chichester

AMORTAL - Fri Nov 11, 9:30pm - Westdale Theatre

Price $12.00

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Dir / Wr. Nikolas Benn, Wr. Michael Davison

n 2019, a medical company known as Coil Industries begins human trials of the controversial Amortal program. Aimed to have their cells replaced by self-replicating nanites, the two candidates, Jordan and Cass experience how becoming next stage of human evolution will affect them and others.
Starring: Dave Walpole (Sew The Winter To My Skin - Netflix) and Jessica Barrera (The Flash, Between Waves)

EMERGING SHORTS - Fri Nov 11, 6:30pm - The Westdale

Price $10.00

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Friday November 11th 6:30pm
Westdale Theatre, 1014 King St. W, Hamilton

Films from student, or emerging, filmmakers.

Flashback, (teens 13-17), 5min, Hamilton School of Media Arts, Dir and Wr. The students.

Apep's Curse, (teens 13-17, 5min, Hamilton School of Media Arts, Dir. Students, Wr. Mike Trebilcock

Passing By, 11m, Hamilton Acting Studio

Vibe With Me, 6m, Centennial, Jae Ng

Meter's Running, 8pm, Humber, Anna Di Giovanni

Cocaine Caddy, 13m, Sheridan, Steel Bey

Alfie, 12m, Sheridan, Emily Ryder

10-13, 12m, Sheridan, Dir. Teryn Lawson, Wr. Alyssa Bruno

Yesterday Will Hurt, 29m, Toronto Metropolitan University, Dir. Serafina Fraracci, Wr.
Emily Bak, Serafina Fraracci, Abhishek Mishra, Megan Pierotti

Q&A to follow with filmmakers in attendance.

COMEDY SHORTS - Sat Nov 12, 6:30pm - The Westdale

Price $12.00

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Comedy Shorts, Eh!, 99m
Saturday November 12, 6:30pm, $12
Westdale Theatre, 1014 King St. W, Hamilton

8 Track Girl, 6m,Bill Lawrie Boyd-Wilson

Sweaty, 7m, Dir. Sean Edwards, Wr. Courtney McAllister

Millennial House Tour, 5m, Olivia Fasullo

Death & the Mysteries of Raising Powerful Children, 13m, Joel Richardson

F**K, 5m, Joseph Rossi, David Magini

Open House, 13m, Rayisa Kondraki

FUBU, 5m,Daniel Kay, Jonathan Dubsky

Corners, 13m, James Brylowski

Demonstration Sport, 19m, Dir. Monica Mustelier, Wr. Cari Haim

Welcome, Addicts, 13m,Dir. Emil Cheriyan, Wr. Waleed Shareef

MIKE MIGNOLA: DRAWING MONSTERS - Sun Nov 13, 1pm, Playhouse Cinema

Price $12.00

Event Date Nov 13, 2022 1:00 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters
Documentary, 98m, USA
Dir Kevin Konrad Hanna, Jim Demonakos
Producer Adam F. Goldberg

Sunday November 13th, 1pm, $12
Playhouse Cinema, 177 Sherman Ave N, Hamilton

A feature length documentary about Mike Mignola and the creation of his comic book universe centered around Hellboy.

Featuring: Patton Oswalt, Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman, Mike Mignola, Rebecca Sugar, Victor LaValle, Ron Perlman

ALBATROSS - Sun Nov 13, 3:30pm, Playhouse Cinema

Price $12.00

Event Date Nov 13, 2022 3:30 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Albatross, Drama / Romance / Mystery, 97min, Dir. Wr. Myles Yaksich
Sun Nov, 13, 3:30pm, Playhouse Cinema, 177 Sherman St N, Hamilton
Filmmakers in attendance.

“Albatross” is a dark, character-driven drama, which examines the concept of self (identity, ethnicity and sexual-orientation) in the context of society, while illustrating the
compromises individuals are willing to make to feel as though they belong.
Two seemingly separate narratives, spanning some 30 years converge at a dinner party between two newly introduced couples in 1959 New England, revealing that the attendees know much more about one another than they first thought.

All films Not Rated (NR) and not recommended for children unless noted.
Opening Night, and Mon Nov 14 tickets are listed at