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Ghost Finder: The Gateway of the Monster

Based on the Ghost Finder series by William Hope Hodgson.
Ghost Finder follows the paranormal investigations of Tasmin Carnacki, as she uncovers hauntings, hoaxes and mysteries.

First published in 1916, these tales followed Thomas Carnacki, a well-to-do man, as he investigated mysteries and strange happenings at the homes of the upper classes, rather like a paranormal version of Sherlock Holmes.

I intend to base the adaptation in the modern era, using a mix of traditional and contemporary tools of the trade and have chosen to set it in homes and locations more suited to today's audiences.
In the original stories, Thomas worked alone, later recounting tales of his adventures to a group of friends.

I have teamed Tasmin with a partner, Peter whom we meet in the first episode, to aid her with her investigations as we follow them in their tense, scary and often dangerous inquiries.

Carnacki does not always discover monsters, ghosts or ghouls. Sometimes it's only deception as people try to deter others from a particular place, using old legends to their advantage.

  • Louise Wilding
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Fantasy, Drama, Ghost, suspension, horror
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - Louise Wilding