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Ghost Finder: The Gateway of the Monster

A dauntless paranormal investigator and her psychic partner face down malicious forces and dangerous criminals as they attempt to understand life after death.

Ghost Finder is a supernatural thriller, based on the short stories by William Hope Hodgson, it follows the paranormal investigations of Tasmin Carnacki, as she exposes hauntings and hoaxes.
When originally published, these stories followed the after-dinner anecdotes of a well-to-do man, recounting his recent investigations of mysterious events in the homes of the upper classes; rather like a paranormal Poirot.
Much like the BBC's Sherlock series, this adaptation brings events into the modern era, using contemporary tools of the paranormal trade and setting it in homes and locations more recognisable to today's audiences.

  • Louise Wilding
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Fantasy, Drama, Ghost, suspension, horror
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - Louise Wilding