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First Cut

Manchester, UK. 1984. New Romantic idealism has replaced the Punk anger and trainee doctor Caroline Solomon has fallen in love with a 'gentile'. Even worse, he’s an unemployed actor who has a phobia of operations. Can mild-mannered Chris Batty convert to Judaism and win the love of Caroline's Orthodox parents…all without being circumcised? Probably not, but the play details the tortuous conversion process necessary for Chris to be accepted in the eyes of the religion elders. However, as Chris discovers, there are more profound scars to endure than the ultimate threat to his manhood. Family secrets and repressed emotions are unleashed in this off-beat ‘serious comedy’ when “doing the right thing” is just not good enough.

  • Lloyd Peters
    Concrete Chariots (TV Film - ITV)
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    Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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  • Many BBC Nominations for Pick of the Week/Day Radio 4 plays
    BBC Radio 4
Writer Biography - Lloyd Peters

Lloyd Peters has written, produced and directed many large-scale films featuring celebrated actors such as RIK MAYALL, TOM WATT, KEN MORLEY and FIONA ALLEN. The films have been screened in the UK and overseas, including at the Brixton Ritzy London, Leeds Playhouse, Bradford Museum of Film and TV, The Odeon, Showcase and Cornerhouse cinemas in Manchester.

Lloyd wrote CONCRETE CHARIOTS, a film commissioned to support the Manchester Olympic bid in Manchester. It featured an all black lead cast in all lead parts. It was screened by Granada Television in July 1991 and achieved critical acclaim and large audience ratings. STRANGER WITH HER (35mm film) was screened at the ODEON CINEMA, Manchester as part of the Expressionist Festival..

Lloyd's writing work includes commissions for the BBC drama series DOCTORS, Radio 4 satire show WEEK ENDING, and a BBC TV sit-com pilot entitled KIDS 'N' KAFKA (co-written with Gary Brown).

His first Radio 4 play entitled A HIGHER EDUCATION was ‘Pick of the Day’ when it was transmitted on June 20th 2000 and received universally favourable reviews. It was nominated for the Richard Imison award - Best 1st radio Play - in 2001 and has been repeated every year since original transmission (once 4 times in one day!) . His second radio play BRAIN OF BRIGHOUSE was broadcast in February 2005 and 4 STEPS TO HEAVEN broadcast in May 2006 was also selected as ‘Pick of the Week’.

Lloyd has also written sitcom ACADEME which is currently produced as a pilot by Red-Roar Films.

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Writer Statement

'First Cut' is extremely important to me as an emerging short-film filmmaker. I see this screenplay as a calling-card, - a stepping stone - for pitching to make my first feature. It aims to be ‘proof of concept’ for a longer script that expands the themes of prejudice, identity and abandonment. First Cut is a bold, ambitious script mainly because it deals with complex, controversial issues, but in a difficult and often neglected genre, not always respected for its potential audience impact. The script is designed to be a ‘feel-good’ comedy that prompts spectator debate primarily through the vehicle of laughter rather than polemic. As a University Lecturer of Comedy Studies that has had published articles, I believe the power of humour can often be more persuasive than outraged drama.
Although set in the past, the play has many contemporary resonances informing the current debate surrounding religious intolerance, tribal loyalties and inclusivity. My entire writing career has focussed on ‘The Outsider’ struggling for acceptance in various hostile environments, for example my screened drama script Concrete Chariots that focussed on a successful black athlete battling bureaucracy in an attempt to gain citizenship. This script contains surreal moments, such as the nightmares of medical operations, which counterpoint with the emotional tension of the dark family secret ‘reveal’. In the end, of course, 'Love Conquers All'