Finding A Voice

Political slam poet, Anisa Nanduala reflects on her
journey of personal rediscovery through the art of
spoken word.

  • Kimberly Henderson
  • Jonelle Christensen
  • Mikaela Hourigan
    Associate Producer
  • Anisa Nandula
  • Kimberly Henderson
  • Liam Hartley
    Script Editor
  • Jack Cohalan
  • Uyen Bui
  • Anisa Nandula
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 5 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 1, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    400 AUD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:

  • Australia
Director Biography - Kimberly Henderson

Kimberly has worked previously as a producer on productions through film school at Queensland University of Technology. Working on a music video and multi-cam show as a producer, Kimberly aspired to test her directing capabilities. Being apart of Finding A Voice from early development, Kimberly was fortunate enough to let this dream possible by directing the documentary. Knowing the film subject Anisa Nandaula, she foresaw herself as the best candidate to showcase her story in the most authentic, and honest way possible. Being fortunate to know Anisa for the past seven years, Kimberly has been able to closely work with a team to understand Nandaula’s struggles, and encourage them into a realm of selfexpression. Attaining a close relationship to Nandaula, and having many close friends and family that resonate to her story, Kimberly found this common factor as encouragement to share Anisa’s story knowing there’s a community that spiritually connect to her hardships. Growing up with parents that have migrating from Indonesia and England, Kimberly understands the struggles mainly her mother faced when she moved to Australia for a better life and the resent that overshadowed her by leaving her family behind. Knowing how fortunate Kimberly, and her family are in Australia compared to her mother’s family’s living condition in Indonesia, this allows her to understand the guilt that’s fuelled by opportunity and hope her mother was given. Kimberly not only wants to share this story for her friend, however share it for the selective individuals that understand Anisa’s struggles, just like Kimberly’s mother did.

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Director Statement

My primary motive through this documentary is to allow the audience to have an understanding of Anisas' journey. Effectively deliver a visually striking documentary that doesn't over-power Anisa's presence, however empower her words. Political slam poet, Anisa Nandaula endured a childhood of self-loss and loss of identity. Through Finding a Voice, I aspire to allow Anisa to recount her journey of rediscovery and self-love through the power of spoken word. Her passion of self-expression, and drive of sharing it and encouraging it to youth inspires myself to allow others to know of her. Her support to those who endure the same battles drives my objective for others to follow, and support her. Find a love for spoken word. A love for self-expression.

Throughout this subject of identity loss, I aspire the audience to understand the struggle that not only Anisa, however many immigrants endure. The combination of Anisa's spoken word and the striking visuals to aid, I work towards creating a strong combination to give audience an emotional connection to her and resonate, grief and find inspiration from Anisa. Her story needs to be heard, and through spoken word there's no other way to tell it.

I've known Anisa personally since 2010, January where we became acquainted in High School. She was the new girl that started school late as she was coming back from home, Uganda. I watched her slowly change and fade away to becoming a duplicate to society, slowly losing her identity. However, in 2013, I watched her slowly find her voice and speak up. Fast forward to 2015 where she started taking up spoken word to supporting her once she kickstarted Voice's of Colour.

I have been an avid supporter of Anisa's, and believe that her story is one that I and many other can resonate to. Being dark skinned, woman and considered a minority - many can understand how inferior one may feel, and I hope for those that don't resonate to understand through Finding A Voice. Knowing her, and watching her story in person and given the opportunity for others to understand it, I aspire to deliver it in the most effective and powerful manner possible.