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Emily Greene

After witnessing her father commit an evil act, the daughter of a megachurch pastor begins to exhibit supernatural abilities as she uncovers his dark secrets and forgotten childhood trauma.

  • J.M. Kallet
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    Horror, Mystery
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    United States
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Writer Biography - J.M. Kallet

Jeff M. Kallet is a writer, director, and artist who has been telling stories since he could first pick up a pencil.

After working for several years in corporate marketing and freelance graphic design, Jeff now pursues his true passion as a writer and director of both narrative and commercial work. A wide array of influences and genres infuse his efforts to create unique, immersive storytelling experiences that change how people see the world.

When Jeff is not on location, on set, or in front of a laptop, you can usually find him reading, hiking, watching

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Writer Statement

With "Emily Greene," I wanted to tell a conventional story in an unconventional way. A teenage girl's journey of self-discovery that blended and bent genres while exploring themes of trauma and organized religion as a means of control. The script started as a low-budget short, but the more I wrote, the more new themes and ideas emerged. As the story continued to expand and further reveal itself, the process of writing and rewriting each new draft became a surprisingly cathartic experience, as Emily's struggles were a way of exploring my own battles with anxiety and depression. What began as me simply writing a movie I wanted to see became a powerful reminder of the therapeutic nature of storytelling.