Write what I love, to love what I write.
'Frankie's Lodger' (Finalist, Austin After Dark FF, Apr/Sep '20). 'Gnome Alone' & 'Once Bitten (Coronet Selection, Queen Palm Int.FF, Sep '19/Dec '18) 'Once Bitten' last 15% BBC Writersroom & EMIFF, SF 2021. 'Queens' (Med FF, Jan '19/Austin After Dark FF, Aug '19) & 'Three Wishes', (Finalist, Oaxaca FF, Sep '19).
'Eternal Administration' (Nominee Comedy Series Episode, Austin Comedy Short FF, Apr '19). 'Help! My half brother's an atheist!', (Winner, Best Int. Short Screenplay, Houston Comedy FF, Oct '19). 'Lodging' (Houston Comedy FF, Aug '20 & Lit Laughs FF Jul '21). 'No. 47 Ate my Uber!', (Last 13% BBC Writersroom/Last 12-15% Nashville FF, QF Page Awards Jul '20, Portland Comedy FF, Apr '20/Queen Palm Int. FF, May '20 & Twin Tiers Int. FF, Jun '20). Death 'n Allardice (QF, LSC, Feb '20 & Lit Laughs FF Jun '21).
Web Ep:
'Wonderland', (SF, Hyperwave FF, Oct '19', Finalist 'Monochrome FF' Sep '19, Austin Under the Stars FF, Oct '20 & Finalist Azure Lorica, Jun '21).
'Anchor, What?' (Voices Rising FF, Feb'20 & Underground Indie FF, Jun' 21), 'Black Watch' (Diabolical Horror FF, Oct' 20), 'Blind Faith' (Nominated Best Short Screenplay Genre Celebration Fest., Nov '18, shot Aug '19. (Won Best Writing/Nominee Best Editing/ Original Idea/Music & Best Short/Top Indie Film Awards, May '20/Semi-Finalist, Couch FF/Nominated for Best Short Drama & Best Director, Genre Celebration FF/Finalist, Bengaluru FF, Jul '20 & Spring Grove Int. FF, Jan '20.). 'Blue Car', (Best Short Screenplay, Genre Celebration FF, Nov '19). 'Boogie Wonderland with a Twist', (Nominated for Best Short Script/Top Indie Film Awards, Sep '19). 'Cat', (Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Awards, Oct, '19/Diabolical Horror FF, Oct '19). 'Cookies', (Finalist, Best Short Script, Underground Indie FF, Jun '19/SF Best first 5 pages, Blast Off FF, LA, Feb '20). 'Dark Things' (Winner Best Short Script, Indep. Horror Movie Awards, May '19/SF, Cine de Yecura, Mex., Mar '20). 'Elephant Gerald', (PA Indie Shorts FF, Sep'19). 'Elevenses' (Nominated for Best Short Script, Short & Sweet FF, Jan '20), 'Forte' (Portugal Int. FF', Mar, 19 & Med FF, Nov '20). 'Gargoyles and Lumpers', (2nd place Finalist, Best Short Script, Košice FF, Feb '20/Finalist, Lit Laughs Int. Comedy FF, Jun '20). 'Hanger On' (CKF FF, Dec '19). 'Jump Start', (Russian Indie FF, Sep '19/Finalist, Hyperwave FF, May '19/Semi-Finalist/Light & Future FF, Houston, Mar'19). 'Madre Mia, Abdullah' (Bloodstained Indie FF, Nov '20) 'Nicked' (Best Short Script, Bloodstained Indie FF', Dec '18/Nominated for Best Short Script 'Top Indie Film Awards', Jan '19). 'No Accounting for Taste' (Monkey Bread Awards, Aug '20, Top Indie, May '21)'. 'Preservation' (Winner, Best Short Screenplay, Indep. Horror Movie Awards, May '20/Diabolical Horror FF, Oct '20). Pudding Cups' (Finalist, Anabelle Munro TMIFF, Aug '20). 'Razor Sharp' (Lit Scares, Nov '20 & Best Short Script, Indep. Horror Film Awards, Jan '21). Ringside (Monkey Bread Awards, Nov '20) 'Run For It' - Her 'Singularity' story - (Finalist, Female Voices Rock, NYC, Sep '19/Semi-Finalist, Indie Visions FF, Virginia, Feb '19). Santa Run (Finalist, LRLA, May '20). School Trip (Best Short Script, Indep. Horror Movie Awards, May '21) 'Snapshot' Nominee Best Short Script (Diabolical Horror FF, Oct '21 & SF Lit Scares Int. FF), 'Somebody for Everybody', (Jul Winner, 'Best Short Screenplay, Hollywood Just for Shorts, Jul '19). 'Star Gazing', (LA Under the Stars FF, Jan '20). 'Taking the Plunge' (Winner, Bloodstained FF, Lit Laughs, Dec '20', & Nominee Best Short Script Top Indie Film Awards, Jan '21, co wrote + Fiona Faith Ross), 'Turner' (Med FF, Nov '19/SF for Southeastern Int. FF, Nashville, Sep '19/Austin Micro Short FF, Jul '19) & Whack a Duck! (Nominee Best Short Script, Top Indie Film Awards, May '20/ Monochrome FF, Oct '20).
'Avoidance', (Indie Visions FF, Oct, '19). 'Bless You' (Queen Palm Int. FF, LA, Jun '19. Bronze Award Winner: Best Dialogue.) 'Dust Bunnies' (CKF Int. FF, Feb '21) 'Ginger Snap'. (Winning short script, LA Comedy Feedback Festival, Jan '19, live-read). 'Global Warning' (ACDC Int. FF, May '19/Semi-Finalist Europe Now FF, Jun '20). 'Learning from History' (Winner, CKF Int. FF, UK, Jun '19). 'Second Class' (Toronto Comedy Film & Script Comp., Jul '19.) 'Spice' (CKF Int. FF, Feb' 19). 'The Cliché' (Finalist, Berlin Flash FF, Jan '19. Live read LAFFF Dec '18. Top 5 from 2,000! In Lift off Global Network Sessions).
Novel 'Drowsy, Sleepy Kisses' Roadmap 'Write Start' Finalist, Top 5 '21.
'Deviance' in 'Twisted 50 - 2' (Amazon).
Monologue 'Watching' performed at APA scratch-night, May '17, (Toronto Comedy FF, Feb '20) & in 'The Lockdown Monologues' May' 20, www.suki.tv
'Reflections' column 'Mondanite' Dubai.
@GrimTruthFilm out Nov 5 '21.
Eileen & @FraserCoull co-wrote 'McDoon and 'Oot' - 48 hours film project (Link).
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    Blind Faith (Film)2020
Aberdeen University
English/Hispanic Studies
Aberdeen Northern College (Now part of RGU)
PGCE Secondary Education
Birth City
Not too tall.
Eye Color
Had two stories shortlisted for 'The Singularity' Sci-Fi project but was pipped at the post.
"Anything in life that is any fun... is either illegal, immoral, or fattening." P.G. Wodehouse.
Write what I love, to love what I write.