Dylan Dauenhauer, an upcoming filmmaker based in Los Angeles, possesses a profound passion for the art of storytelling. With a diverse skill set, he has produced and edited numerous captivating short films and videos, showcasing his keen eye for detail and creative vision. Additionally, Dylan has honed his expertise in marketing, specializing in the curation of highly impactful social media campaigns.
As a co-founder of Jay Dylan Media, a thriving freelance photography and videography production company, Dylan and his partner have established a reputation for delivering exceptional services to clients near and far. Their unwavering dedication to capturing moments and crafting visually compelling narratives has earned them the trust and loyalty of vendors.
Dylan's journey into the world of film began at San Diego State University, where he pursued his Bachelor's Degree in Television, Film, and New Media Productions. Hailing from the city of Fargo, ND, Dylan's upbringing instilled in him a deep inspiration for storytelling and a commitment to creating meaningful cinematic experiences.
San Diego State University
Television, Film, and New Media Production
Birth Date
December 12
Birth City
Fargo, ND
Current City
San Diego, CA
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
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