Experiencing Interruptions?


What drives a not so young postman to choke his old moped to deliver a letter still stamped with the royal stamp to a mysterious receiver, sifting through the lesser known parts of a Palermo roasted by the summer sun?
And for what absurd distraction of the natural course of things doesn’t any cinema encyclopedia , between Martin Scorsese and Paolo Sorrentino, refers to the name of Ferdinando Scuteri?
And what could have possibly brought that postman and that director, at the same time but one unbeknownst to the other, to follow the same tracks, to go through the same alleys, to ask the same questions, in the same investigations along paths long abandoned?
And those paths , how can they be walked again, if not putting together, piece after piece, the tables of a stage, recovering old fliers, worn but not dusty ostrich feathers, starched shapes of dancers maybe even more alive than their counterparts in flesh and bone?
The answer will not be known if not retracing the threads that tie those two investigations together, together with the characters of this story that, between reality and fiction , talks about theater and above all of the thousands of roads and opportunities of life, first of all the one that leads to the key figure to unravel the threads of those investigations: a once very popular actress, who, when she decided to leave the stage, thanks to her scenic art she managed to maintain her inner “fire” intact and even to ignite it with the only true fuel of any form of representation: humanity.
She, if authentic, weather still represented blazing with sequins, in the spotlight, or weather immersed in the cone of shadow, cannot but be and remain, however...divine.

  • Alberto Castiglione
  • Alberto Castiglione
  • Fabrizio Scibilia
  • Koiné Film
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    November 15, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    350,000 EUR
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Director Biography - Alberto Castiglione

Alberto Castiglione born in Palermo the 15th march 1977.
He first takes interest in theatrical direction, with a young Sicilian company. Later on he turns to movie direction with special interest to documentary. His first work speaks of social subjects, like the social status of young in south Italy. 2000 he sets up the performing arts group “Stone Theatre”. He works as Director Assistant for the first public broadcast RAI, working on documentaries. 2001 he shoot in Argentina “La memoria y la Historia” (30’), a documentary on economic crisis related to the period of the dictatorship. This work has been shown to the Prix du Film Documentaire Union Latine – La Cita di Biarritz. His works are worldwide distributed from RAI Trade. He had the idea and has been the planner of “ZIKR” a cinematographic project on Legality and Memory in the Mediterranean countries. 2003 he makes himself debut to the 63° Venice International Film Festival, with a movie “Picciridda” . October 2003 he received a special mention at the International Prix Rocco Chinnici, like artist involved on subjects against the Mafia. June 2011 the German association named Mafia? Nein, Danke!, dedicated to him a 2 days in Berlin and showing “Una Voce nel Vento” at the Humboldt University. Castiglione is nowadays working at a new project in well developing, that is “Divina”, a new feature film and it will be realized on 2018. It tells a contemporary story, rich in memories and dreams and its location will be Palermo.

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