Presently in this advanced world, English language is the main and important way of communication between us. Not only in the private sector but also in Govt. Office English language is mostly in use.But in West Bengal English language is not popular in communication. Due to this we become backward from this advanced world. The reason behind this is only our education system, which is mainly based on Bengali language, as it’s our mother tongue.
We respect our mother tongue, but it doesn’t mean that we don't need the English language. In various Anganwadi schools where mid day meals are regular, English language is most probably nil. Guardians also suggest teaching the subject in Bengali rather than English.
It makes a distance between the student and the English language from the toddler age itself. Due to this distance the enthusiasm towards the English language gradually falls down and students get fearful of the English language.
For this, people find their destination is doing works like, Barbary, cobbler etc. Though they are all graduates and some illiterates do God business and of course beggar. And most of the girls find their destination in doing marriage, so that they become secure behind their husband.
Therefore, to create a brighter destination, parents have to groom their children from the very beginning of their life as from toddler towards the English language so that children could make their destination updated similar to the present world.

  • Partha Paul
  • Partha Paul, Saikat Paul
  • Partha Paul
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    9 minutes 41 seconds
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    August 28, 2013
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    500 USD
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Director Biography - Partha Paul

Family & Childhood:

Mr. Partha Paul was born on 5th November 1980 in a cultural family in Gobindopur Hanskhali, a village located in District Nadia, West Bengal, India.

Partha's grandfather Late Mr. Rangeshwar Paul, an artist (sculpture) by profession had passed away 10 years before his birth.

Mr. Kanai Lal Paul, Partha's father, a photographer and clay model maker (sculpture) is the only son of Late Mr. Rangeshwar Paul. Partha's father, Kanai Lal Paul, was not a whimsical photographer but has been always serious about photography.
Partha grew up watching his father develop the black-white photographs in the dark-room, located inside the house. Partha's curiosity and affinity for photography grew from there. Since then the seeds of creativity were planted in his mind.
Partha Paul, raised in Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, had done his schooling from the city. Mr. Partha has been a film lover from his school days. He loved reading film magazines, journals and listening to Bengali Band Music.

He participated regularly in various cultural programs that were organized in his school. A science project in school performed by some of his seniors left a mark on Parthas mind. The project was based on how each and every still picture can be transformed into motion pictures using technology. This was a turning point for Partha which drew his interest in still photography and film making.

He started his photography journey with a SLR camera to make master the art of still photography first.
At college:

After completed his Law degree Partha pursued his PG Diploma in Media Studies (Film & Television) under Calcutta University.

In college, Parthas interest in motion pictures grew manifold. He learnt more about how to create a script from a story and the varied nuances of film making. His interest kept on growing on things like scene, shots, frames, camera and call to action, amongst other aspects of that makes a film. He realized that his passion lay there.

Partha, during that time came in touch with his neighbor, Mr. Sudipto Acharya an ex-alumni of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. For Partha, the presence of Mr. Acharya became a big influence in his life. Partha learnt various aspects regarding film direction from him.

At Work:

Short Film:

After college, Partha started working on a project Mrityu Rog (Passion to Die) in the year 2012. This Short feature had first gone to Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012 for screening. Now streaming on moviewood ott.

There was no looking back for him since then. After Mrityu Rog, Partha started working on his second Documentary project Destiny in the year 2013, under the banner or production house named Nickname Entertainment. Now streaming on moviewood ott.

Feature Film:

In the year 2016 he completed Antahkaran (The Internal Sense), a feature film, that gave him an exposure in the national level as a filmmaker by winning the Best Screenplay in National category at LCIFF 2018, Gwalior, MP, India. Now streaming on moviewood ott.

1) Best Screenplay in National category at LCIFF 2018, Gwalior, MP, India for film 'Antahkaran'
2) Officially selected for screening at DIFF2018, NDMC Centre, New Delhi, India.
3) Best Director at CICFF 2019 known as GOLDEN FOX AWARD.
4) Best film on Womam at CICFF 2019 known as GOLDEN FOX AWARD.
5) Best Cinematography at CICFF 2019 known as GOLDEN FOX AWARD.

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