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DOLAN (A Guy with a Gun)

When a mall Santa takes down a mass shooter, he becomes responsible for a young girl who is the product of a world-changing experiment and to stay alive he uses his wit and shooting abilities, which is his special skill.

Synopsis: Dolan has a gig as a mall Santa Claus, and he tries to live up to the image until a mass shooter disrupts the Christmas spirit. Trained by special forces, Dolan does the only thing he can think to do. He runs toward the gunshots. On the way, he takes a pistol off a dead policeman and manages to kill the shooter. That leaves Dolan in charge of the three-year-old girl sitting next to her dead mother. Dolan would like to pass the girl to child services but that does not work out. He keeps the girl.
Dolan leaves the girl with his ex-wife and goes looking for someone to take the girl off his hands. He does not realize that powerful, dangerous forces are also looking for the girl. They will stop at nothing to get the girl back. Dolan manages to stay alive with his skills, but the girl is taken, as are his ex and her sister. The trail leads to a campus-like facility run by the person who created the girl.
The battle for the girl takes Dolan from campus to the lake house, where he fights his way through a virtual army of shooters determined to kill him. He stays alive through wit and his shooting, which is his special skill. He not only saves the little girl, but also her three other clones. The four girls were meant to change history. Now, they will have conventional homes. And the genius behind the clones? She takes one more run at Dolan.

  • Pamela Beach
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    action, thriller, drama, crime, murder, actionthriller
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Pamela Beach

Pamela Beach studied Creative Writing at Cuesta College and Allan Hancock College. Passionate about writing, she self-published several short stories and a few books on juicing. She has written several screenplays and pilot scripts and continues to write daily. While Pamela has written in various genres, she most at home writing Thriller/ Suspense, Thriller/Horror, and Crime Thrillers.

Pamela currently has two scripts under options, three films in pre-prod, and two others in development stages.

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Writer Statement

Dolan is a fast-paced action thriller that will keep the audience engaged from start to finish.