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Mortal Diagnosis

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Carla is a prominent psychiatrist who feels special fascination for crimes including sexual violence. She does not have economic necessity, she does that for pure pleasure.

In addition to advising the Ministry of Justice (part of its functions is to evaluate prisoners before they go on probation), Carla sees patients privately, she uses an office at one of the rooms of her house.

Carla is divorcing her husband, with whom she has a strained relationship. She wants to leave peacefully, but he demands half of the family patrimony, which is unfair because most of it was inherited or caused by Carla. In the process of divorce, she is adviced by a friend, who is a lawyer.

When she need support, she turns to her group of girlfriends. Especially Luciana, her confidant. She is the only one who knows that Carla kept a secret relationship with a former patient of her.

Carla´s personality extremely varie, as is she´s with patients or not. With some it is undemonstrative, detached and reflective, while with her friends, she is shown carefree and inviting to men. However, it produces a disturbing seduction in all, of which she is not responsible. This leads to unknowingly be spied by a neighbor, who secretly desires her.

The usual life of Carla undergoes a transformation on the day that begins receiving anonymous calls threatening his life. It can be anyone from a rapist who denied parole until his neighbor, through her lawyer/friend, her lover/patient or her ex-husband.

In that atmosphere of paranoia, she is attacked inside her home by a masked man, who will try to catch her. The chase goes on for a while, until finally Carla manages to stop his assailant.

  • Damian Leibovich
    Forajidos de la Patagonia
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Diagnóstico Mortal
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    Screenplay, Treatment
  • Genres:
    Thriller, Erotic, Horror, Suspense
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Writer Biography - Damian Leibovich

DAMIAN ADALBERTO LEIBOVICH born in Buenos Aires in 1973.
He was received at the ENERC as film director in 2000 with his thesis "44" selected in more than 40 international festivals, obtaining 11 awards.
From 1992 to the present, he has made a dozen short films including "Death in Moscow" (1993) and "The Last Coffee" (2005).
Since 1995 he works mainly as an editor for Film and TV.
In 2003 he made the documentary "Churches of Buenos Aires" in 2004, the horror film "Tenants from Hell" (marketed directly to DVD) in 2013 directed "Outlaws of the Patagonia" commercially released the following year and in 2014 "Eber Ludueña: the final kick" also premiered as a serial on YouTube, during the world Cup in Brazil.
Currently he is preparing his next film "Mortal Diagnosis" while listening to other proposals.

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Imagine a crossing between "Basic Instinct" and "Scream"... We know this is going to be a great movie!