Told through a trilogy of songs, a young man at the height of love and happiness must overcome a personal tragedy, and figure out how to move on with his life, when his girlfriend is killed in a car accident on her way to meet him for an extra-special occasion.

Dalton, a deep-souled romantic young man madly in love with his high-school sweetheart, plans a surprise evening for her. As he’s done many times before, he slips a note into her bag telling her to meet him at their secret spot, a private dock on the water, at sunset. To mark the special occasion, Dalton creates a romantic set-up on the dock with candles, where he plans to give her a gift, an explosion box full of pictures, meaningful words and a heart shaped diamond necklace.

When Dalton’s girlfriend doesn’t show up, he discovers she’s been killed in a car accident caused by her being distracted by a text she received on her phone while driving to meet him.

Friends and family create a roadside shrine for Dalton’s girlfriend leaving notes, gifts and other mementos. As time passes, others are able to move on, however Dalton remains stuck in his grief.
Unable to move forward, he tries to visit the shrine to leave the gift he intended on giving her the night she died, but is unable to do so.

After months of soul-searching, Dalton has a vision where he has one last dance and kiss with his deceased girlfriend, which leads him to take the next step. He is finally able to visit the weather-worn shrine and leave the gift. Knowing he will never forget her, he realizes she would want him to move on, live his life and find happiness again.

  • Dalton Cyr
    Directorial Debut
  • Andrew wilkins
    A Better Place A Better Time, "Wish They Were Wrong, Upside Down
  • Dalton Cyr
    Invisible, Upside Down
  • Sharon Cobb
    June, Invisible, On Hostile Ground, Lighthouse Hill, Dose, The Prisoner, Ortega Rats, Magical Mystery Cure, Waiting for Lola, Way Off The Grid, Jane
  • Cindy Cyr
  • Duane A. Sikes
    A Slight Discretion, Haunted 3: Spirits, Haunted 2: Apparitions, The Doll Master, A Darker Shade of Night, Colossal Youth, Dose, Swipe, The Library of Burned Books, Ortega River Rats, Phoenix 454, The Hollow Oak, First Kiss, The Corner, Boundaries, A Father's Love, Invasion Earth, Zaw, The Golden Plates, My Brother's Keeper, On Your Street, Magical Mystery Cure, Invisible, Partners, The Home, The Dark Side of Disney, Don't Let The Light In, Secrets In The Fall, Sangria Lift, Kruel, June, Among the Shadows, The Zombie Movie, Hominid, My Christmas Wish, Quitter, The Soul Catcher, Seeing Red, Our Father, Waiting For Lola, The Box, The Devil Incarnate, M Is For Music, 816, Kingdom Come, Night Whispers, Zombie Fried Chicken, Blood Tokoloshe, OperHator, 95ers: Echoes, Haunted, Losing It, The Farm, Last Call of Duty, Park Bench, Hollywood Gamble, The Dark One, The Extraction, Fresh Skweezed, The Hollow Oak Trailer, Secrets in the Snow, Sicky, Mute, Sanctuary; Quite a Conundrum, The Summer Home, Homesick, The Amazing Cartwright, True to the Heart, Velvet Road, The Congregation, Superman: Requiem, Headline New, Blood on the Plain, Finding Mr. Wright, Going Down in LA-LA Land, Where I Begin, Worst in Show, The Killing of Jacob Marr, Night Visit, Matters of Life and Death
  • Cindy Cyr
  • Dalton Cyr
    Key Cast
    Pretty Little Liars, A History of Radness, Time Toys, Mule, Imitation is Suicide, Feet
  • Megan Brown
    Key Cast
    No Place in This World, On Your Street, Unfolded, Real Rob, The Deepest Cut, When Sharks Attack, Until Tomorrow, Dolphin Tale 2, Murder in Paradise, Inhabited, The Breaking Point, Nova Road, ChixOr, Our Town, On the Edge, Army Wives, The Wind, The 47th Hunger Games, Truly Everlasting, Cassadaga, Missing 48 Hours, The Bailey Case, An Ever Present Silence, War of Our Children, A Haunting,
  • Christopher Morrissey
    Key Cast
    The Debt, Foresight, Predatory Moon, Beautifully Broken, Swamp Murders, Malevolent, To Plant a Seed, Marionette, Release, Dr. G: Medical Examiner
  • Dawn Crawford
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Music Video, Short
  • Genres:
    Romance, Drama, Music
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 40 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 1, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Jacksonville Fl
    United States
    April 9, 2017
    Exclusive Premiere
Director Biography - Dalton Cyr, Andrew wilkins

Director, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Dalton Cyr conceived the Breathe film, co-wrote, co-directed, acted and scored the music for the film "Breathe". These songs are also included in his third EP, also titled “Breathe”, which was released in April 2017.

As an actor, Cyr starred as the lead “Judd” in Amazon Studio’s music-driven sitcom, “A History of Radness” written and executive produced by “Hannah Montana’s” Andrew Green and as Holden in the movie, “TIME TOYS” directed by Mark Rosman (“A Cinderella Story”, “The Perfect Man”). He also has a recurring role in FreeForm's hit show "Pretty Little Liars" and will appear in the series finale of the show. At the 37th Annual Young Artist Awards, he was nominated for two awards, winning in one category.

A prolific songwriter, described as Ed Sheeran meets Bruce Springsteen, Cyr was named “one of the most promising upcoming songwriters in the world” by industry talent scouts. Two of his songs are in the feature film TIME TOYS with his single "The Way It Should Be" as the official music video for the movie. A multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, keys, and drums, he was inducted into Robert M Knight’s The Brotherhood of the Guitar which is centered on upcoming guitarists who are considered to be the guitar legends of tomorrow. He serves as the National Ambassador for the Dream Factory, an organization that grants wishes to critically and chronically ill children. He also has teamed up with Teens Against Distracted Driving to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

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Director Statement

Breathe tells a story about the fragility of life and love, across three songs that I wrote specifically for this film. As a story teller, my quest is to create and tell stories that journey the full spectrum of the pendulum of life, in ways that are relatable, and also deliver a lasting impact.

------------------------------ What people are saying about BREATHE-------------------------------
• "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE –words can’t explain how much I loved this!” –Mackenzie
• "I was in tears throughout the film. Very moving and beautiful. AMAZING job!" --Jordyn Jackson
• “The message behind the film is very deep, hitting the audience hard.”—Tristan Synder
• “So Inspirational I love it and it changed the way I look at life.” –Meg Bartoe
• "So amazing that I want to watch it again!" --Shayla Arnold
• “Dalton’s expressive artistry is breathtaking.”—Yvonne Tison
• “Emotionally moving.” – Sheryl Beaurford
• "Amazing and so extremely touching."--Mia
• “Beautifully stunning, touching and romantic film.”—Monica Kincaid
• "Embrace the fragility of life" --Steve Piscittelli
• "Story, photography, sound FIRST CLASS. Great music & Great message!" --Jack Bohannan
• “Beautifully done. Emotional. Do. NOT. Miss. This.” –Amy Batten
• “It struck a heartfelt chord and reverberated through me in the form of chills.”—Susan Snyder
• “An amazing story filled with beautiful music.” –Alysha Ammerman
• “PHENOMENAL!” –Diane Arnold
• “An amazing work of art!”—Gabby Valerio
• “Very touching, emotional, breathtaking!” –Risa Slepikas
• “Truthful. Gave me chills.”—Katie Collins
• "Totally awesome emotional message --the MTV of 2017"--Anthony Lopez
• "Gave me goosebumps and made me cry." --Carla Leach
• "I have related BREATHE as the first thing to do or remember to do after a major event. This movie reinforces the thought BREATHE."--Ben Espling
• “Such an amazing singer, guitarist, and performer. Dalton Cyr is truly an inspiration.”—Jamie Ward
• "A unique, moving way to touch the heart." --Austin Cyr
• "Captivated Attention!"--Cassidy Kinsman
• "Cyriously Awesome!" --Tami Kinsman
• "Music by Dalton Cyr all grown up...Breathe is amazing." --Jennifer Ammerman
• "Breathtaking!"--Megan Wallace
• "Very touching! WOW!!"--Angela
• "I FELT It!" --Caroline Genners
• "Honest & Inspirational. Dalton Cyr has a beautiful way of connecting his message and music in a way that is relatable to all."--Theresa King
• "What an inspiring and powerful film, filled with tragedy and hope. Dalton's songwriting & instrumental prowess is better than ever."--Shawn Fisher
• "Let it Go" is an incredible song! It'll be in my head all day, I'm sure." --Jordyn Jackson
• "Beautiful story and music! Loved it!" --Mary Jones
• "Inspiring & Amazing! Loved it!"--Janet Dickinson
• “WOW! This was so amazing. I love this film!”- Connor Pendry
• “Youthful, inspirational, powerful message of love.”—Shawn
• “Touching, emotional, heartfelt story.” –Linda DeMatteo
• “Powerful message. It will help a lot of people that are going through a hard time.”
• “So beautiful! Such a powerful message.”—Rebecca Pretino
• “Makes you realize how short life is, but you can move on even how upset you can be.” –Debbie Ritz
• “This film really hit home. I just lost my fiancé and mom. This film was sad and beautiful at the same time.”—Donna Tandoi
• “Great film and music! Truly makes you understand what it takes to move on from a loved ones death. Powerful stuff!” -Lloyd
• “Such a touching film. It’s relatable to people young and old. Life goes on, but you never forget the past.”—Linda Collini
• "Very relevant. An amazing story and so well done. Your video should be shown at high school assemblies as a PSA." --Laura Martin
• "Inspiring message with texting and driving. People don't realize that issue...What I will remember from this is that "it can wait." --Sydnee Batzlaff