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Comedy Club Anniversary Roast

Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club (independently owned) Sunnyvale, CA, celebrates their 32nd anniversary - 10th anniversary with current owner Heather Barbieri.

Chris Hennessy provides hilarious and touching in-the-crowd interviews, while the comics roasting Heather are the perfect hysterical touch to a memorable night.

  • Chris Hennessy
  • Chris Hennessy
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  • Runtime:
    7 minutes 31 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 8, 2019
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    0 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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    United States
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  • Houston Comedy Film Festival
    Houston, TX
    United States
    April 16, 2022
    Houston Comedy Film Festival
Director Biography - Chris Hennessy

Chris Hennessy has been living and working in Northern CA as an independent filmmaker, TV Producer, author, and motivational speaker since 1990. He moved his family to Woodland in early 2018.

Hennessy has been busy producing his award-winning cable TV Show, Yolo YoYo’s, writing his upcoming memoir book, ‘Touched by Hannah,’ and working on various film projects which he writes, produces and directs.

“I created Yolo YoYo’s to spend time with my daughter Hannah (now 13), and provide an enriching experience for her and friends. The vibe that reverberates throughout the car when we head out to film is priceless.”

"I was able to retire from corporate and social filmmaking and pursue my dreams. Looking back, working my butt off on those 1500+ professional gigs made me the producer/director I am today."

Yolo YoYo’s season #1 was awarded, ‘Best New TV Series 2019,’ Sacramento Channel 17 & 18. The 12 episodes reached an audience of more than 125,000 on Faceboook.

Yolo YoYo’s season 2 finale episode, ‘The Stage; Following our Wildest Dreams!’ won, 'Best Narrative Episode 2022 West Coast,’ at the 2022 ACM Western Region WAVE Cable TV Awards Ceremony.

“Walking the red carpet with Hannah, winning and accepting that award was priceless.”

Yolo YoYo’s premier episode season 2 (Feb 2021), 'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds - a short documentary film - was West Coast runner-up finalist at Western Region WAVE.

‘Miracles,’ a promotional/trailer film for Chris’ 'Touched by Hannah,’ also took a 'Film Heals' award at the 2022 Manhattan Film Festival, New York City. Heals is awarded to filmmakers who use the power of film to promote peace, humanity and inspiration.

Miracles was also a top-five finalist documentary at Manhattan.

‘Touched by Hannah’ Is a true story about a man with cancer (Hennesssy). His 1 lb. newborn Hannah. And their fight for life. Their story has already been featured on NBC TV, KGO-810 San Francisco, and is slated for release late 2023.

Hennessy’s music video, Yuba Twenty-Twenty, was awarded 'Best Film' at the 2021 Yuba City arts & culture Film Festival.

“By July 2020 the pandemic, riots, politics, hate and disgust on social media all had me feeling pretty down in the dumps.”

"I fell in love with the 45 minute drive through infinity farms and orchards, surrounded by their scenery of brilliant mid-summer greenery, to a small independent coffee shop in Yuba City."

"Feeling that I was away from the tumultuous times - sipping great coffee and writing my book brought me much joy and comfort."

"Yuba Twenty-Twenty was conceived and created in honor of those medicinal get-aways."

Hennessy’s ‘Comedy Club Anniversary Roast’ was a top-five finalist, 'Best Film," at the 2022 Houston Comedy Film Festival.

“Performing totally ad lib comedy - making folks laugh, whether on or off set - it’s not only I want to do. I have to do it!”

Hundreds of the client films Chris produced professionally (Google, Folsom State Prison, eBay, Stanford, Office Max and The American Cancer Society, etc.) include his distinctive comedy schtick.

“After much grinding, taking my time and creating those recent passion projects, I'm thoroughly enjoying this thrilling, successful aftermath. It feels like I’ve got four songs in the top 10."

“Instead of sitting around worrying, I’m busy achieving my potential and having a blast.” (Chris is currently battling prostate cancer in the lungs.)

Hennessy donates his time to usher for plays at the Historic Woodland Opera House, a 6 block walk from his house.

He also serves on the board of directors at California Writers Club, Sacramento.

In the near future Chris hopes to finish writing 'Touched By Hannah,' and get it published.

"I'm going to begin writing a Yolo YoYo’s feature film for the likes of Netflix/Amazon, etc. If I can get proper funding, I have full confidence I can pull-off producing/directing something that will command their attention."

Chris says he's looking forward to spending time with Hannah this summer (2022). He'll be hosting pool parties for her and friends. Hannah will be performing on stage at the Historic Woodland Opera House.

Hennessy is also working on an ad lib comedy film and a music video starring Hannah and a Yolo YoYo's friend. "Working on such projects - with no client to deal with - no time pressures - allows me freedom to take my time and make the best film.”

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Director Statement

I donated my time to film Rooster T. Feathers (Independent Comedy Club) (Silicon Valley, CA) anniversary roast. I've performed there, and I am a big fan of comedy - especially indie clubs!

I knew it would be an amazing time with many of the most accomplished comics in the San Francisco Bay Area performing. Hanging out with them and filming/watching them perform was such a life-enriching experience.

Before the comedy show began, I ventured into the crowd with my camera person and conducted several in-the-streets, ad-libbed comedy schtick interviews. I had a blast - and as you will see in this short film, the guests I spoke to did too!