Mina Luna Vincent exposes a new line in a masterful way, with the use of AR and 3D. The visual experience of Sucia, from Chulada, is a sensory experiment that combines the use of color and figures, such as neon light with touches of augmented reality, that perfectly match her product within her identity. The images of her model and her clothes create an easy connection with the vision of her creator.
The strobe images, which visually charge tranquility and compositional balance, carry a Latin cultural charge representative of the brand itself. Thus, from the local point of view, she shows the globality of her concept.
We must not forget the importance of using a montage where the image is distorted with the use of digital media. Even the use of the pixelated project name design dirtying its icon itself demonstrates the deepening of the idea. With truly horror music that gives the sensation of how they are The contemporaneity of this new experimental exercise of Fashion Film with the digital age, not only facilitates its reproducibility and diffusion, but also recalls the speed and movement of the industry, showing a contact to the market itself of the world of fashion. It has a fast assembly, but that does not let you forget the sensation of the conjugation of images and colors, which, again, show the clothing line that characterizes them.
In addition, the use of the dark vaporwave style, which becomes a “retro” memory of a current vision, connects the audiovisual piece, the artist, the viewer and the garment with the new media and the distribution of the brand in a world where the reality is also virtual.

  • Mina Luna
  • Mina+Luna
  • Mina Luna
  • Yull Alejandre
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short
  • Genres:
    Sci-fi, Fahsion film
  • Completion Date:
    November 25, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    100 AUD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mina Luna

Mina Luna Vincent is a film director, art director, musician, artist, screenwriter, producer, and novelist. Her birth name is Jazmin Yvette Gonzalez Luna. She was born in Mexico 1987, February 13th.

Her love for photography started from a very young age. She discovered her artistic mind at the age of eight. She found an unused camera and started experimenting with her photography skills. She used to take pictures of herself and her family in various landscapes of Mexico.

Her father supported her throughout her journey. He bought her a new camera at the age of ten when he saw her talent in photography. Her love for films and the arts made her father encourage her. Mina started to enhance her work with simple projects using stop-motion film. She applied different techniques to show her creativity to others.

She completed her study in cinematography at Centro De Artes Visuales and Fashion Design Business, at Universidad DE Guadalajara, Mexico.
Her Contribution to the Industry:
Mina started her career with minor art gallery exhibitions and fashion photography in the U.S. from 2002 to 2008. In 2006, she participated in an exhibition and she became famous for her photography presentation of ‘The Hill Top, Arizona’.
In 2008, she started working with Black Xolo Films. It is a film production company that worked especially in creating promotional videos for some of the best fashion brands and industries in Australia, America, and Mexico. Black Xolo Films also works on tourism, gender equality, documentaries, short films, and anime projects
She has worked with many big brands like Mossman, Sketchers, Once was, etc. She has also made promotional videos for models like Natalia Kalinowski, Odna Gerel, and Meika Woollard.
In 2013, she worked on a project that presented augmented reality and it left everyone speechless. It was one of the pioneers of augmented reality in the fashion film category. Besides, her work in experimental movies is also worth mentioning. You can clearly see her sense of fashion and unique cinematography style in these films and how much she likes to experiment with the angles of her camera

Mina Luna Vincent es directora de cine, directora de arte, músico, artista, guionista, productora y novelista. Su nombre de nacimiento es Jazmin Yvette Gonzalez Luna. Nació en México el 13 de febrero de 1987.

Su amor por la fotografía comenzó desde muy joven. Descubrió su mente artística a la edad de ocho años. Encontró una cámara sin usar y comenzó a experimentar con sus habilidades fotográficas. Solía tomar fotografías de ella y su familia en varios paisajes de México.

Su padre la apoyó durante todo su viaje. Le compró una cámara nueva a los diez años cuando vio su talento en la fotografía. Su amor por el cine y las artes hizo que su padre la animara. Mina comenzó a mejorar su trabajo con proyectos sencillos utilizando película stop-motion. Aplicó diferentes técnicas para mostrar su creatividad a los demás.

Completó sus estudios de cinematografía en el Centro de Artes Visuales y Fashion Design Business, en la Universidad DE Guadalajara, México.
Su contribución a la industria:
Mina comenzó su carrera con exposiciones menores en galerías de arte y fotografía de moda en los EE. UU. De 2002 a 2008. En 2006, participó en una exposición y se hizo famosa por su presentación fotográfica de "The Hill Top, Arizona".
En 2008, comenzó a trabajar con Black Xolo Films. Es una productora cinematográfica que trabajó especialmente en la creación de videos promocionales para algunas de las mejores marcas e industrias de moda en Australia, Estados Unidos y México. Black Xolo Films también trabaja en turismo, igualdad de género, documentales, cortometrajes y proyectos de anime.
Ha trabajado con muchas grandes marcas como Mossman, Sketchers, Once was, etc. También ha realizado videos promocionales para modelos como Natalia Kalinowski, Odna Gerel y Meika Woollard.
En 2013, trabajó en un proyecto que presentaba realidad aumentada y dejó a todos sin palabras. Fue uno de los pioneros de la realidad aumentada en la categoría de fashion film. Además, también es digno de mención su trabajo en películas experimentales. Puede ver claramente su sentido de la moda y su estilo cinematográfico único en estas películas y cuánto le gusta experimentar con los ángulos de su cámara.

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Director Statement

Everyone has a different point of view, so when everyone looks at the same picture, they see something different. They see what is hidden in their souls. But what you see is not always the only true picture. It is all about your perspective. You think you see beauty, reality, and art for what it truly is, but you only see what you want to see. You only see what is relevant to you and you ignore what is unimportant.
To witness art, beauty, and culture, you need to look closely behind the screen. You need to look at things from a fresher perspective. So are you ready to do it?

Todos tienen un punto de vista diferente, por lo que cuando todos miran la misma imagen, ven algo diferente. Ven lo que se esconde en sus almas. Pero lo que ves no siempre es la única imagen verdadera. Se trata de tu perspectiva. Crees que ves la belleza, la realidad y el arte por lo que realmente es, pero solo ves lo que quieres ver. Solo ve lo que es relevante para usted e ignora lo que no es importante.
Para presenciar el arte, la belleza y la cultura, debes mirar de cerca detrás de la pantalla. Necesitas ver las cosas desde una perspectiva más fresca. Entonces, ¿estás listo para hacerlo?