CaCa: Fuwa the Dragon

I dreamed of a white female dragon.

At first it transformed to a white horse and hid its identity. It let me ride on it.

After we arrived at home, it showed that it was a white dragon. Then it let me know that it was hungry and I haven’t given it food for days. I saw its teeth just like a horse that I thought it was a “vegetarian”. So I gave some veggies and fruit to it. But it couldn’t successfully eat those veggies. I didn’t know what it used to eat.

Then I napped with it for a while. Its head lied on my shoulder and it did not seem to sleep well because of the hunger. After I woke up, I didn’t see it around and looked for it. I knew that it had gone out to look for food. I found for it everywhere but I saw a red dragon.

This red dragon blew out fire from its mouth. I knew it used to eat meat. I gave it some. I asked where Fuwa was. Fuwa was my white dragon’s name. It pointed to the direction Fuwa went.

I shouted “Fuwa, Fuwa! Where are you?!”

The next night I dreamed of Fuwa again! I knew that it used to eat grass! I brought it to a grassland. We were living there happily forever...

  • Angela En-Yu Lao
  • Angela En-Yu Lao
  • Angels Sky Stories
  • Angela En-Yu Lao
    Key Cast
  • Fuwa
    Key Cast
  • Kinri, Kau Hong Pong
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Short, Web / New Media
  • Genres:
    Dream Recording, Children's, Fantasy, Pets
  • Runtime:
    2 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 11, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    3,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Angela En-Yu Lao

About Angela Lao:
She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you watched her works, you will enter the dream world in her heart. Her stories are there...

Working Experience:
2016-now Teacher of Crafts and Design, SkillShare
2015-now Movie Director and Channel producer, Angels Sky Stories
2012-now Ad Designer, Advertisement Department, Angels Sky Macau
2011-now Artist, performer and Angels Sky promotion, Sun Never Left
2007-now Business owner, teacher, artist and creator, Angels Sky Macau
2007-now Freelance designer, illustrator, writer, comic writer and poet
2007-now Pianist, Actress and Photographer, Angels Sky Macau
2010-2010 Translator, Macau Seng Kwong Bookshop
2007-2013 Part-time teacher in different education centers

Educational Background:
2016 Filming, YouTube Creator Academy
2012 Bachelor of Arts in Design, Macau Polytechnic Institute
2009 Higher Diploma of Arts in Design, Macau Polytechnic Institute

2018 "CaCa: Let Us Dream", American Songwriting Awards
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", Accolade Global Film Competition, Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", LA Shorts Awards, Best Animation & Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", "Kai Kai Xin Xin Is The Most Important", "A Rainy Day", Los Angeles CineFest, Semi-Finalist
2017 "CaCa 4: My Street Cats" and "Let It Go", Marquee On Main Official Selection
2017 Dream Village 3 Theme Song, "We Will Meet Again In This Place", Global Music Awards Silver Prize
2017 "A Crescent", American Songwriting Awards, Nominee
2017 "Dr H", Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: Tell You Jokes (Season 1, 2 and 3)" Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: Tell You Jokes!" and "The Stories of Dream Village", Hsin-Yi Children's Animation Awards, Official Selection
2016 "CaCa 2.5 Seasons" and "The Stories of Dream Village", Accolade Global Film Competition Official Selection
2016 "CaCa: Happy Moods"; "CaCa: Happy Halloween" and "A Crescent", Hollywood Songwriting Contest Nominees
2016 "CaCa: Yes or No?", Global Music Awards Bronze prize
2016 The Stories of Dream Village, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Winner, Best Animation Feature, Official Selection.
2016 "CaCa! 2.5 seasons", Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Winner, Best Web Episode/Mixed Media, Official Selection
2016 "CaCa: Tell You Jokes!", Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Winner, Official Selection
2016 "The Stories of Dream Village: Episode: Actress", Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Winner, Official Selection
2015 "Charm Of Women", Richeson 75 International Oil Painting Competition Figure or Portrait, Merit Award
2015 "I Love Macau!", Macau Contemporary Art Competition, Merit Award
2014 "Women In Focus" (Grandma! Ma!), 2014 Macau Annual Art Exhibition, Official Selection
2013 "Let's Jump In This Green World!", Macau Environmental Saving Crafts Competition
2013 "Never To Be Forgotten", Macau Comic and Animation Exhibition about Teacher's Day, Silver Prize
2001 Macau Cultural Centre Drawing Competition, Merit Award
1994 The 24th International Children's Art Exhibition and Competition, Silver Award

Angela's publication:
2018 "CaCa 5: Bodies and Souls", "CraftsArtsSky", "Kai Kai Xin Xin In Macau 1-5"
2017 "Fun Grammar Series",
"CaCa: My White Cat", "Tear of the Notes"
2017 "Dr H"
2016 "CaCa 2014520", "CaCa 19343344", "CaCa Color CACA Arts" (Comics)
2016 "CaCa Sky Miracle" & "CaCa Sky Love Love"
2016 "Maze of Love" & "World of Love"
2016 "CaCa: Tell You Joes! Season 1-3" & "CaCa! 2.5 Seasons!
2016 "Angels Sky Happy Online Course"
2015-2016 "CaCa: Tell You Jokes!"
2015-2016 "A Funny School: Angels Sky!" 2014 "Tell Us Jokes 1-3"
2013 Dec "The Princess ~ The Stories of Dream Village 3"
2013 May "Grandma! Ma! ~ The Stories of Dream Village 2"
2013 "Tell You Jokes 3" (Comics)
2012 Dec "Tell You Jokes 2" (Comics)
2012 Sep "Tell You Jokes" (Comics)
2012 May "To Promote Creative Education in Macau"
2012 Apr "Creative Writer ~ Angel Sky", "Creative Artist ~ Dream Village", "Creative Poet ~ Dream Kingdom", "Creative Thinker ~ Happy Dreamland"
2011 Aug "Vase Girl ~ The Stories of Dream Village 1"
2010 Mar "Angela Lao Cartoon Collection 07-10"
2010 Feb "Tune of Love" 2009 Nov "Flaw of the Ring"
2009 Sept "Strings floating in my Heart"
2008 Jul "Sound of Angel"
2008 Feb "Angel Paradise", "Angel House", "Thousand Years Affinity"
2008 Jan "61 Days Together", "Roaming to Coloane"
2007 Nov "Love between Heaven & World", "Lass' Dream", "Natural Farm 2"
2003 Jun "Natural Farm 1"

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